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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yesterday I Said Tomorrow - January 4, 2016

It still hits me like a brick in the face knowing that this year is the year stated on my mission plaque in which I will be returning home. 2016 is the year that was never supposed to show up on the radar and is honestly as far as I have thought for most of my life. Talk about a wakeup call.

New Years in the Netherlands is nothing short of a war zone. It was one of the coolest things to experience as we sat on our roof and watched a 360 panoramic of constant fireworks for an hour straight. I took a few videos, of course they do no justice, but I hope it helps to gauge just how nuts it gets. President Bunnell had us do a lot of goal planning while staying inside New Year’s Eve and we have some ambitious stuff set up to hit Apeldoorn like a wrecking ball.

First off, MIRACLE. We met with a less active member this week and his friend Nicole was there again so we taught her a first lesson, gave her a Book of Mormon in French and invited her to be baptized. She accepted and so we decided to go all out and we have a baptismal date with her planned for the 2nd of April. Such a neat blessing.

Basically, being out for a year and a half and being able to use experience and skills developed from your mission so far, you don't want to deal with crap and lazy investigators and soft, fluffy stuff. So in every appointment with a member, less active, investigator, whoever, we are snatching their friends or other people who are visiting them at the moment and turning them into new investigators. We don't have time to sort through doors and doors and doors to find people so we have decided to find while teaching and it has got us several member presents and new investigators and now a baptismal date. It would have been so much more helpful to have known and practiced it over year ago as a greenie. I'm afraid I am becoming more and more Dutch ha-ha because with everyone, especially dumb missionaries, I will be blunt and to the point and probably chastise them with a little sting to get them focused on the right mindset. So what do you know, the Dutch people CAN teach you something ha-ha.

Now I know you are waiting for some Maria stories. It was a good week for those. Monday she called while emailing in a panic YELLING on the phone how she had made too much cheesecake and how it was going to expire before she ate it all alone. She commanded us to come over and eat it, so Tuesday we did and taught her about Priesthood. Nice. Wednesday she calls flipping a lid about how she had made too many oliebollen (a Dutch scone thing that’s really good) and how we needed to come eat them and pick them up. So Elder Hosea and another elder went over and ate them and brought all the extras home. Breakfast. And apparently in their lesson she turned through the Book of Mormon pictures too fast and ripped one out on accident. Based on description, her reaction looked as if she had just condemned herself to the brimstone pit of hell. HAHA and she told Elder Hosea not to tell me because I gave her that book at the beginning. So she doesn't know I know that, she was supposed to come to church with members but called off her ride, and now we are going over Tuesday at noon to pick up a carpet by the Dutch Home Depot and take it to her house with the car. And probably teach about prophets. We accidentally set 2 back to back appointments with her but I'm pretty sure she doesn't realize so we will just go over Tuesday and Wednesday and probably eat more food and watch the Restoration movie. She IS progressing though step by step. We have to teach one point of one lesson as an entire lesson sometimes but bless her heart she is in the right direction. I will get photos soon. Sidenote: I'll be following up to see if she ever bought a smaller vacuum for her eye. Gotta prevent that.

This last week we found other new people and taught a good number of lessons. We set high goals this week so I ask that you PRAY that we can get those to happen. Please. Thanks. You are all the best. Have a good week.

Elder Reese

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