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Monday, January 25, 2016

Land of Bounty in the Nethermost Part of the Vineyard - January 11, 2016

I don´t know how many of you watch the news still, but back in the states our ice storms here up north made global attention. In the cities of Groningen, Leeuwarden, and Assen, schools and stores and even missionary activities had to be suspended because of the ice storm. People were ice skating in the streets and canals and ponds. It´s like a Dutch snow day. But really the ice wasn´t that bad, no snow, no wind. To be honest, it´s a little wimpy over here and trains will shut down if a snowflake hits the track. Even most Dutch people think it´s pathetic haha. So I think the street and canal skating is what made the headlines.

We set some steep goals last weekend with every intention of meeting them. And we sure did for most of them. When I first got to Apeldoorn, member relations were suffering and missionary work in that regard was real low. It´s a night and day difference from then to today. The ward and missionaries are suUUuper solid and it makes everything so fun, so effective, so spiritual, and soooo nice. We were able to teach a good amount of lessons, most with members present, and get people friendships and progression that weren´t before.

This week we met with Maria another 3 times. Here we go... We met with her Tuesday to go help her pick up carpet for her hall and she answered, and had totally forgot. So we go inside, she is a little frazzled, but we teach a quick lesson on the apostasy, invite her to read and put her on her way. The next evening we went by again to watch the Restoration movie. Turns out she had no working DVD player. Rebound with a Book of Mormon story lesson. Saturday another city had a baptismal service and we invited her to come. 45 minutes into the service there comes a bundle of blankets with 2 legs into the chapel, sits down, and slowly reveals itself as little ole Maria, not even tall enough for her feet to touch the ground hahaha classic. She was bummed she was too late BUT I told her we could watch the Restoration movie before she left. So we set that up and President Bunnell noticed. He asked if he could join in, so him and Zuster Bunnell became our joint teaches for our lesson. Keep in mind that Maria doesn´t speak a lick of English and still loves to tell off story after story. BUT she watched the movie, like it a lot, got a solid understanding of Joseph Smith now AND told no crazy story. It was really cool. I will never ever forget Maria.

The mission is changing a lot, we found out at leadership council this last week, and in short, our areas are becoming laboratories for other missionaries to come see, observe, and learn from so they can make their own areas excel. The pressure is on.

We have ANOTHER zone training this week.... So we are planning for those 4 hours again when we get time to. But busy is good.

I´ll finish with a gem of a story. Last week with Oma and Opa Kloosterboer. We ran out of hagelslag aka chocolate sprinkles for our sandwiches (yeah its a Dutch thing). So Oma Kloosterboer wrote it on her grocery list to get more. I saw her grocery list on the way out and wrote underneath it to buy a present for Elder Reese haha. SOOO yesterday we went over for lunch and I asked how the week went, if they got new hagelslag, blah blah blah. They were pretty nonchalant about it until Oma Kloosterboer broke out laughing and brought in a wrapped up gift with Holland wrapping paper and Holland glass klompen on it. Opa Kloosterboer thought it was hilarious that I had wrote it on there and they called me a smeercase haha which is like a clever son of a gun (?) In short, I got myself a free box of chocolate hagelslag from Oma and Opa Kloosterboer. They even taped the former grocery list to it haha I love them so much.

I love you all, have a great week.

How are you standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Christ today?

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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