This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


NOTE:  Trevans email came in dutch and so I used the google translator and this is the best we get.  Have fun deciphering it.  I sure wish I knew what ENL meant since it's in there a zillion times.  Hopefully the next comes in OUR native language:) The pictures help some.

Good day all of you!

I am here in Europe after ENL unnatural amount of jetlag subscribe to ENL French Keyboard in the Library in Ghent. GO here.

My First Job here is Belgium! So neat because "not everyone here is OM serve in Belgium and I am the first transfer! It is usefull Really GREAT, because "People here speak the hardest Dutch Dan Elsewhere in the mission, so this in Head jumps first, Hitting si Head on the bottom of the pool, dazing unconscious on the punter to drown Dan ENL Other Way makes it to the surface. THAT is Life at THIS moment My Friends.

One of many forms to fill out
Meeting his trainer/companion Elder Peterson
Opening his first area
The flight was good and did not feel too long, mare jetlag is a Different Story. We arrived at 8 am, dying was midnight Utah time and had to come together, to sign legitimacy, take ENL train to Leiden and for the legality, eat gross chic hotel EAT, and go to Rijswijk FOR legitimacy. Have we already met all 27 hours Went Without Sleeping in Strange ENL country signed legal documents in ENL language we die Really Speak Totally. HAHA We Slept for a hour before everything is Gone. We opened our Missions die Evening met ENL ENL and older sister es 11 Going to Belgium and I Did It! That I secretly hoped mare FOR guessed myself so I was so excited. nl It's a good size City WHERE I. Elder Morrell in Tilburg on the Border and Elder Hirsch Road to the North meets Tall People in Friesland.

In Antwerp
Met Antwerp, the city where I am, all is navigable door trams and buses SO I wont even Buying ENL bike this Assignment. Pretty cool and the trams are we going overall on chicken door City, and THEY are Fast. Proposals THAT the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, mare on ENL Underground tram. THAT is Europe. love it. here are super nice and our apartment Located on the 6th floor, 7th in America, we get SO ENL good view. And Fragrance. Hmmmm THAT is the Belgian Funk. Being forwarding list is empty in ENL blend of melted Chalk, Sewerage, and overripe fruit. Europe. Yes. But it's all bearable. In Antwerp we have Sister company, us, namely the zone leaders and ONE of them is Robbie Bosco's son! super cool and HE Keeps My BYU tie. President and Sister Robinson are AWESOME and are powerhouses met the Gospel. especially Sister Robinson. SHE WILL tell you hoe It's best to Accept and si haha.

Do they speak Flemish here. Yeah. Sounds ALS Dutch in ENL Scottish accent. Incredibly difficult, but I want. I Want A Flemish accent. Every Time I wrestle someone TALK, mare Elder Peterson Helps me soooo at the lowest prices. Oh yeah Elder Peterson is my trainer and HE is AWESOME! HE DOES FOR ME THAT is soooo much fun and he can actually cook anything, so we heel good food.
Trevan with Sister Bush (They were in the MTC together)  ANTWERP
Our researchers. Sooo Good. We Have ENL 16 Year Old Young man named Eric die had already learned all the latest transfer door and It's Just Waiting are Mother to come home visitors Ghana so that HE can-baptized met her THERE. Then hopefully THEY WILL THEY The Importance and to Toko Behind. HE has many hoop FOR. HE is AWESOME and we spent the zoom to the church on Sunday. Usually, SO HE Could Pleasure From My Dutch to Make When I spoke in sacrament meeting. BUT HE had ENL Good Time. We met ENL Other Girl named Ellen visitors France, THEY speak English so we steeds Learned Her wooden pen and ZE is a rockstar. She lives In Our apartment and was Catholic, mare has ENL Hard Time, wish there is Poverty in the World are re Still Huge monastery Churches spend all the money on maintenance. Were we to say than our Church and State Humanitarian Assistance in OM in ratio to hoe Men Can approach Him met lips, mare theri hearts of actions, are far from Him, and she enjoyed. We gave her the Very First lesson for the Door and Strong testified. She promised to read the Book of Mormon and ordered and we were able to commit to baptism. Hair We will see her Wednesday mare everything looks met hoe ZE received the restoration so expectations are high. Finally, our 3rd Grand investigators were last night and are name is Waldini. HE Comes visitors Brazil, so we spent zoom ENL Book of Mormon in Portuguese and learned HE Whole First lesson on are front gate thing. HE was So and So God wanted BAD open are Life, because "he felt he was on the bottom. we understood everything we learned and testifed van and said that was what he wanted. HE has committed to Reading Line in The Book of Mormon, and we are committed board to be baptized on October 26! I have not even been here ENL week and I see the miracles of everyday life. SO Within this transfer we have two baptisms have if everything goes perfect. We'll have to see. People are many more open here than I thought would ares. Maybe It's Just Belgium, but I love it.
To reduce in nanny Dan ENL week overall we Learned ALS-11 and the mission objective is 7 per week. It looks and even elder Peterson says THIS Big success. Hopefully everything goes well, BUT I Delete for a number of difficult times. I pray the language better WILL come mare in our English lessons It's been ok. We are Aproximat 50-50 met Dutch and English to reduce that is hard for me to become immersed mare it will come. I am actually surprised im not super frustrated met myself. probably because "the Lord is in control and not ME. Although we have had great spiritual experiences and I love it. I Die Every Morning in studies met my jetlag STILL steeds, BUT Should visitors Neighborhood Next week Do Go. This I hope all is well back home.
My apartment address is

Sneeuwbeslaan 29
2640 Wilrijk (Antwerpen)

It usually takes ENL week FOR email, BUT I hope to hear from you!

So met a lot of Love,
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Your missionary has arrived  -  Sept. 18, 2014
By Sister Robinson

Dear Families of the New Missionaries of the Belgium Netherlands Mission:

Your missionary has arrived safely and is now out in the mission field living the life of a missionary.  We met them at the Schipole Airport on Tuesday morning.  We spent the morning in interviews and paper work for their legality and finances for the duration of their time here.  The afternoon they traveled to Rijswijk to register into the country.  Later that afternoon they all had a well deserved nap.  That evening after dinner we had a short training by President Robinson and a short testimony meeting.  They opened their 'first area' letters and found out where in the mission they will be serving and who their new trainer and companion will be.  Wednesday morning the Assistants to the President trained on mission culture and mission procedures. Next, they met their new companions and President and I spent about 60 minutes training and answering any remaining questions.  Wednesday afternoon they traveled to sign into the country which completes the process for the Netherlands.  Wednesday evening they were in their assigned areas of labor and with their new companion doing missionary work.  It was only smiles and excitement as they left for the train station yesterday. 

President and I are extremely impressed with your sons and daughters.  At the MTC they have acquired a great foundation in the Dutch language and Preach My Gospel.  They are optimistic, happy, excited and come with strong testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We serve missions with faith in Christ and a great love for Him, and President and I see that in your child. Thank you for your love and support of your missionary.  Your positive and uplifting emails over the next 18 months or 2 years will be a highlight for them each week.  Your missionary will fill you in on all the details of their mission and the work they do each week in their weekly email home each Monday.  We encourage you to follow the events of the mission at  By the first of next week I should have all the pictures of this past week on the blog.  But until then, here are their new assignments and two pictures.

Sister Robbins Serving in Haarlem with Sister Ottison as trainer
SisterThomas Serving in Almere Buiten with Sister Packer as trainer
Sister Voss Serving in Assen with Sister Woodbury as trainer
Sister Whittington Serving in Gouda with Sister Schwab as trainer
Sister Bush Serving in Antwerpen with Sister Nelson as trainer
Sister Watts Serving in Amsterdam with Sister Frandsen as trainer

Elder DeWitt Serving in Lelystad with Elder Warner as trainer
Elder Hirsch Serving in Groningen with Elder Giles as trainer
Elder Lott Serving in Ommoord (Gouda Ward) with Elder Chantry as trainer
Elder Morrell Serving in Tilburg with Elder Sudweeks as trainer

Trevans home for the next few months or so
Elder Reese Serving in Antwerpen with Elder Peterson as trainer

( you can click on the picture to see them full size)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

 ON HIS WAY  -  Sept. 15, 2014

Here he is at the SLC airport.  The last pictures before he lands in Amsterdam.  Thank you Brother Voss for "accidentally" bumping into him and taking a picture.  Also, thank you to the wonderful sister who was there with a group from "Meet the Mormons" movie for snatching the shot of him eating one of his last Amerian made meals (even though it's cafe rio,yum).  He looks so happy and excited to be on his way.  He called us from Detroit and we got to talk to him for quite awhile.  He told us of an experience he had with one of the stewardess's.  When she noticed all of them on board she spoke over the intercom about how lucky they were to have such wonderful young men and women who were going about the world to teach about Christ on board their flight.  She praised them and got emotional.  She is not a member of the church so as they were getting off they passed her a Book of Mormon and a pass along card.  They are already touching lives before the even get off the ground! Wonderful!

to the Nethermost land we go                                                        Sept. 10, 2014

Firstly, massive shout out to the BYU Cougars who not only throttled but rather kicked the Longhorns in the gut and literally hurdled them to reach the end zone in a massive steamroll in Austin Texas at a score of 41-7. At the MTC, we still raise our colors high in the blue for our Cougars of BYU. #runtaysomrun I also hear ESPN says they are the most likely team to run undefeated. If they don't get cocky. Of course. The season I am in the MTC. Elder Morrell are contemplating our manner of writhing in pain as we hear the game against Houstontomorrow night. Should be painful.


What a glorious thing. We waited 5 weeks for this news and we have our escape plan to Europe! WE head out Monday morning with our flight leaving at 11:05 to Detroit then straight to Amsterdam. We can't wait. All 12 of us are traveling together and we have been reassured that visas aren't a common problem with our countries so hopefully all goes well. (You best be believin' I'm knocking on wood). 

Travel plans itinerary
Allison left last Wednesday and it sounds like she is doing great! It makes me so excited to get out there. The Dutch is still coming and about every other day we go for hours without any English. It's neat because we actually know more than we think we know and can talk in only Nederlands. I love Dutch. Best language out there. Our teachers all served in Nederland and have the biggest love for it. We hear so many stories and miracles they've had and people they hope we meet and teach. I love that my foundation of this language is Gospel principles and Preach My Gospel because if I don't know what to say that's all I know haha I really do believe that is why Nederlands is so much easier to learn and retain here, in 6 weeks, that Spanish was in 4 years.

We are the top dogs now here in our zone. The West Indies Dutchies left Monday morning and it was real hard to see them go. We are all that remains of the last of our zone we had for 3 straight weeks which is unusual in the MTC. I know they will all do great though. On Sunday we looked up blogs of the Danish and Swedes in their missions and we are so happy for them and even more excited to get out there.

To be honest, I'm getting really sick of fake everything. Hahaha fake investigators, fake food, fake reality, I just want to get to Holland and serve. 6 weeks is forever and I can't wait forMonday. We had our 36 missionaries come in Wednesday and it was absolutely chaotic. Seriously that much stress and emotion times 36 and I thought I was going to die. But all went well and they all seem to be doing great and the ball is rolling with their languages. To be frank, Elder Hirsch and I were basically babysitters for 3 days because we couldn't help anyone personally. Heel gek. 

The newly installed water feature at the MTC following the storm of storms on the stairs
Yesterday we had a torrential downpour hahaaha the sidewalks and walkways were flooding everywhere and it made personal and companion study so much fun. We ran through the rain and were soaked in 2 seconds. Loved it.

Last Wednesday we went to West Campus to eat at a burger joint and the news was on so we were exposed to all the stuff going on. That ISIS thing is nuts and everything with Iceland and NATO really put us all in a bummer mood. We felt awful that day after having the Spirit here on main campus and taking it for granted then feeling despair at everything going on out there. But we had the opportunity to go to the temple. And everything was flipped 180. I had never felt so much peace and happiness as I did that afternoon in the temple. I was brought back from reality to my service and purpose. The worlds trembles around us, everyday and everywhere. Yet why shall we fear? For our Lord God is in His heaven, and everything is okay.

Our choir director helped open my eyes again yesterday. The Church has hit the mark of 90,000 current missionaries in this time of hastening the work. Research analysts have agreed upon the figure of about 90 billion people having lived on this earth since Adam. My opportunity to be a latter day missionary is 1 in 1 million. Imagine LaVell Edwards Stadium, the Marriott Center filled to capacity and you being the one of them all to be called as a missionary. Now narrow that further to that of this hastened time and the figure in unfathomable. How blessed am I. That I may serve His people in this time.

Lastly, I encourage you all to take moments of reflection and sincerity tomorrow. We remember the time of great despair and loss of hope in our nation's history as we suffered a tragic blow to loved comrades and people. Remember to whom you pledge your allegiance every day and whose Stars and Stripes are flown. This is our land. I don't care if you are head over heels for the man leading the country or cannot stand to look at him. We are a united people. Under God. Indivisible. We enjoy these liberties and freedoms together and are immediate family in that sense. Remember to honor those brothers and sisters who lost their lives on that September day 13 years ago and all those who showed Christlike love to save their fellow man. I have less than a week left in America and I shall never forget my home.

Met alle mijn liefde,
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

Ghosts ;)  Elder Dolphin had packed all his clothes (He left for Suriname on Monday and didn't have anything to wear so he wore his bed sheet, we felt kinda bad for him and we thought it was cool so we joined him. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

THE RED ZONE - September 3, 2014

This title appealing to the double meaning behind the glorious return of football season and my new life here at the MTC. Huge shoutout to the Cougars for taking out UConn 35-13 and Ole Miss for shuttin' down those Broncos as well. That's how it should be every week. Haha I say this lightheartedly but mean it nonetheless ;)


It's finally come around and in less than 2 weeks I will be in Holland doing His work. It is amazing. In two days we receive our travel plans and flight information along with our visas, passports, and ministerial certificates signed off my President Thomas S. Monson. Here we go. The Swedes left Monday morning and our Norweigan Tuesday morning for a temporary assignment in Gilbert, AZ and I would be lying if I said it went smoothly. It's hard spending every hour of everyday with people you just meet but love and value so high. They are in Stockholm now and I know they are doing great. We miss them a lot already.

Our zone leaders were part of the Swedish fleet so Sunday Elder Hirsch and I were extended the assignment of zone leaders over the entire Scandinavia zone. Remember my remarks about no more meeting for leadership positions? So do I. Karma is real my friends. Never forget to knock on wood. hahahaha but really I love it a lot we were assignedSunday and so we have been in for only 4 days. It's pretty neat being at the top of the food chain though just underneath the branch presidency because we really get to know everyone well. Here is the huge plot twist though. We just shipped out Swedes and Norweigans and the Suriname Dutchies leave Monday. TODAY we receive 36 new missionaries. In our zone alone. 36. That's like a perfect ACT score to put that into perspective haha. Right now with the Swedes gone our zone is 25. so even with the 10 were are over doubling our zone. THe chaos commences in about 3 hours. You prayers are appreciated haha. Elder Hirsch is a great leader and already keeps me grounded. I constantly forget the little things to do and always want to do the big ones so it's good he reminds me of that. Tonight we will have 37 sisters and 24 elders. 61 total. The sisters are rockstars. Seriously it never seizes to impress me how dedicated the are to the work and how many willingly use their option to serve for 18 months. 

The Dutch is coming great. Definately have much more studying to do but I'm beginning to understand. Yesterday we had an English fast from about 9:30 to 6. To be honest, it wasn't that difficult. It was slow and processed but we can carry on conversation easy. I was studying Preach my Gospel and there was a sentence like: we have the power and authority of God, and I kid you not I read it as Wij hebben de macht en gezag van God. Coolest thing ever. Just not too convenient haha there are 2 Dutch elders here from Rotterdam so they speak native and we understood everything. I think they go slower for us but I was really neat. I could hardly ever do that with Spanish and now I can with Dutch after 4 weeks. If you want to learn a language, come to the MTC haha

SO there are some good stories this week hahah we welcomed the new Danes last week with quite the get up as noted in the picture below haha Mom: that is Aldste Bradley going to Sweden that knows Aunt Tami and the Bostwicks in Banks. It was quite the class act might I add. Our teaching appointments were where the real juicy stories lie though haha we had an appointment with a onderzoeker named Max and she was inactive but had been baptized. We taught her our most spiritual lesson ever in 20 minutes about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her, miss her, and want more that anything for her to come home. She really took it to heart and everything went well. Until the ending prayer. hahha we felt the need to be bold and ask her to pray to open the appointment to understand how comfortable she was with being inactive and such. She declines so Elder Hirsch prayed and I planned to at the end. We asked if we could end with a prayer and she said of course and prepared to pray. I said I could and prayed to end the meeting. Turns out that our onderzoeker was preparing to pray at the end when we asked and I basically ripped the rug out from under her. Ahhhhh i felt so bad it was awful. So I learned the hard way this week that when you lose tune with the Spirit, even for a second, you lose keenness and understanding. 

We had another appointment and taught the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ to our other onderzoeker and the lesson was great. Elder Hirsch had prepared to teach repentance and I over baptism but I mixed the two up. So I taught the whole repentance lesson thinking I'm doing really well while poor Elder Hirsch sits there waiting when he can speak. Then I finish and realize I had baptism so I just keep talking HAHHA ohhh i felt so bad. Again not paying attention to things and order that I should be. To make it even better we left and I kid you not I lost my voice from talking too much hahahahah I am grateful I am learning things the hard way so I remeber not to do it again hahah

Oh also in a holly jolly class discussion this week I said Christmas instead of Christmas so a real fa la la to that. Jumped the gun by about 3 months there.

We had some real neat devotionals and lessons this week that touched me. I watched again Elder Christofferson's talk about the bush but in Dutch. I know that the language of the Spirit is understandable to all because I can feel it through something foreign to me. I love that talk because we are reminded to see the big picture. We are cut down and we misunderstand why but the Gardner who is Christ knows all. He knows through hard times we shall be made strong. Itis through Him as everything always is. The gratitude rings in my heart about the parable of the bush. "Thank you for cutting me down, Mr. Gardner. For loving me enough to hurt me." oh it is so great I even have it in Dutch. 

I hope school is going well for you all and a special shoutout to y'all across University Parkway living it up at the Y. I hope classes are going well and Provo is treating you as well as it is me. I invoke you to think about this promise that was made to me by a member of the Seventy last night: "You have the Son of God on your side, why have you fear? For I fear no man, I fear God, I fear no man." I encourage you to remember that in all your temptations. Remember that a prophet of the Lord prays for you. You can do anything if you believe on His name. I cannot wait to bring that to the people of Holland.

Three months ago I graduated high school. Today, I am the zone leader of the largest current zone in the largest Missionary Training Center in the world. How Great Thou Art, my Savior, for I am blessed of thee. Again I love this work. I love this Gospel. I love this land that we call home. I love my Savior. And remember, that I love of all of you.

Because Christ can stand alongside you, and Christ can stand alongside me, we need not ever feel apart.
Omdat Christus kan bij u staan, en Christus kan bij mij staan, kunnen we niet los voelen ooit. 

Met alle mijn liefde,
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

1) This is how we welcomed the Danes last Wednesday hahaha it was classy
2) Dear NCAA, wish to know how to make a seminal playoff system bracket?
3) Sister Thomas Hermana Cambron and I with the famous map.