This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Friday, August 29, 2014


the train ordeal hahaha note the socks (it was self-acclaimed America Day)
by the way the word for Independence Day is onafhankelijkheidsdag and is my favorite word everCHOO-CHOO TRAIN

Thank you Bon Jovi for allowing me to sound clever in regards to this week's title.


What a great week. Yesterday was our hump day and so now we are in our last semester here at the MTC. The Danish and Icelandics left early Monday morning and are now in Copenhagen at the mission home so we're hoping all is well. Except for the fact that Sunday afternoon a massive volcanic eruption occurred in Iceland so even after 9 weeks of MTC training the poor Icelandics can't even fly to their mission (HAHA but so sad). Every week now we say goodbye to people in the zone with Monday being the Swedes andNext Monday the Surinames which will be real hard. Today we get in more Danes, then in the next 2 weeks get in 37 new missionaries with most of them sisters. #holybuckets haha all the Swedes, Norweigans, Surinames, and Danes will be replaced and we become the all-stars in the zone.

I was released Sunday as district leader becuase we split 3 weeks in the MTC. It's nice I don't have to go to a plethora of meetings anymore but I liked the leadership role. But let's be real I had no idea what to do and so there is no difference hahaha 

Allison got here on Wednesday and we've had a blast (not really HAHA) but it's cool to see her here and she leaves next week. Comes in after me and leaves before me. that troll. HAHA but I see her everyday at meals which is neat. 

So I miracle happened this week with my foot! I'm all solid now and don't need anything. I didn't really to anything the doctor told me to do either so that's a bonus to my pride hahahah but all is well there so much so that we played soccer again Monday and Tuesday and the Dutchies have taken a 2-0-1 series lead over the Swedes. 

Our onderzoekers are doing awesome. I look forward to teaching everyday. Elder Hirsch and I try to schedule appointments twice a day and have gotten ahead of the game so we have to slow down with the curriculum. We taught probably 9 lessons this week with the shortest one being 30 minutes. We've gotta cut down haha but it's so neat to speak only Dutch for so long. I think that Elder Hirsch and I have such a solid grip on the language and he is good at things I am absolutely pitiful at haha such as getting to know the onderzoekers which is just a dandy skill to not have hahahaha so I hope that will come soon. Yesterday, however, I became so used to speaking becoming a hard thing with Dutch that I accidentally dropped English words in a Nederland accent because verzoening and vandaag have become more natural to my tongue than Atonement or today. hahahaha congratulations to myself, I am a missionary Each of our onderzoekers are getting baptized and are coming to church with us and have Boeken van Mormon so Elder Hirsch and I are atop the 2 districts. It's real great but our onderzoekers aren't super hard like some of the other companionships so that's where they make up. Our teachers are phenomenal. Every single one is so great and have return from either the Netherlands or Suriname within 3 years. 

Elder Cook and I have a real solid bond together and are always saying dumb things and laughing our heads of at our stupidity. I'm telling you, he is just like you Dallin haha I'm real excited that all 12 of us get to fly to Europe together, and hopefully everyone receives visas in 2 weeks. 

No super funny stories this week because I've been in recovery haha but now all is good so I betcha something incredibly ridiculous will happen to me. It always does. haha we did however detach the bunk ladder with all 4 steps, using as a taxi and driving around the hall with ties on our heads and shirts untucked so that was neat. There's no TV here. We make our own entertainment and it is glorious.

I hope school is going well for y'all that have begun or will be beginning. You'll do great if you work hard, I promise. Thank you all so much for your prayers and gifts. I don't have Aunt Geri or Aunt Wendy's addresses but I wanted to let you both know how much I loved the cookies and cards you sent. Tell Bailey Austin and McKell that I love their cards and they are hanging above my desk. 

Last day with the Icelandics
Even though school has begun I want you all to know that you can still be happy haha go out and do things that are adventurous and spontaneous. Every morning I wake to the gorgeous Wasatch Front mountains and wish to venture up there so badly. We had a rainstorm the other night that put snow atop Mount Timp too so that was cool in August haha I encourage you all to enjoy the land that we live in because it is majestic. How blessed are we to live in this nation. I love seeing our banner everyday at the temple and the MTC waving our freedom. It will most definitely be a hard thing to leave for 22 months. Get out there and live life how it is meant to be lived. I dream of hiking canyons and mountains back home and boasting our Stars and Stripes atop these peaks we call home. Relish our liberties and freedoms for they are not seen everywhere. Know that I love this land with all my heart and would be alongside you in the adventure you take.

Lastly, I really cool message came to me this week from speakers in our devotionals. Christ has given us all He hath so that we may return to heaven through Him. However we need faith. Faith is our foundation and when planted like a seed can grow. We are given strenuous times, such as college or maybe high school or a new job or having to move or a mission so that we may test our faith. He carried His cross to Calvary. Shall we not take but few steps to the hill ourselves? He died for us. He suffered for us. He rose so we may live again. With that I say, give me mountains to climb. Give me waters to swim. Give me trials that I may overcome them as Christ my Savior would so He may know I live through His name. At first I was a little bummed I didn't get called Spanish speaking with all I had learned in school. But know I don't want it at all. I know without a doubt that I am meant to serve this people. Dutch is not easy but it's absolutely possible through His gift of tongues. I can already testify of that. A Swedish Elder has a sister in Amsterdam that has been there for 2 months and has baptized 10. That's nuts for Europe and the Netherlands. That drives me. 19 days until that plane leaves Salt Lake City and I'm well on my way.

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

P.S. I forgot on my address last week that our box is Unit 1 which you need to know for dear elders. thanks! letters work well at the MTC

1) our zone before the Danes left (Suriname, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium/Netherlands and the Icelandics who are so rare they don't even have a flag haha)                                                                      2) us Elders thuggin.

HEALTH ISSUES! FUNNY - AUGUST 20, 2014 Stories of the ER/MTC Health Clinic

Trevan Reese
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Goedendag mijn familie!

Over the past week I have become quite familiar with the MTC Health Clinic and the staff therein. haha 
Story one: Last week we had quite the experience with what is known here as Magic Tuesday. We had heard the hype and how terrible it was and discovered it to be severely underplayed. hahahaha for our visa to Belgium we have to pass tests to obtain clearance for entry. We arrived as our district of 12 and the nurse came in and told us about the samples she would have to take and that we would begin with a blood test. Might as well have killed me then and there hahahaha but it really wasn't funny. Elder Cook and I start flipping a lid and were scared out of our minds. (For those of you who do not know, when I had to get my blood drawn for my mission papers I passed out then and there with the nurse hahaha) So Elder Cook and I go in together to the room basically hyperventilating until we see this nice red teddy bear and a fluffy baby chick to comfort us on the chair. So we both held the bear, still scared out of our minds and basically talking to each other in the process like we were giving birth. hahahahaha the nurse was so awesome though and as we would hold the baby chick in the hand with the arm she was drawing blood from she would tell us that it is the last chick we would squeeze for two years HAHAHAHA we were dying and given this nurse lady was like 60 but she had her share of Elders and blood I'm guessing haha so that was the inaugural meeting in the MTC clinic

Story two: I stated before how I was a killer forward in soccer last week. This week I basically went from the killer to the killed hahahaha we took on the Swedes which are basically our best friends so it was an intense match of professional 9 on 9 soccer. Somehow someway I had ended up in the backfield for defense after a couple goals and committed to a ball in a breakaway across midfield. From nowhere come Elder Van Alfen a Swede slidetackling the schmuck out of me and before I know it my ankle is under him with my body sprawled out as an airbourne projectile about to target the field head on. hahahahah I laugh but it's not funny. I was then serenaded by several "OOH"s from all of the elders but this is when the story gets good. Too often I have seen in the World Cup players FLOP and it makes me so incredibly angry and furious and frustrated when they have a country on their back and they FAKE. So here I am with a mutilated foot jumping up and saying let's go let's go as I take this Dutch pride on my back. I wasn't going to be a hypocrite so I played on and we won 6-3 in a sore matchup. We really are the best and I will argue it everytime. I lived with it all day Monday but went in Tuesday as it killed all day but I only have a Grade 1 ankle sprain alongside a torn tendon above my foot. All is well. All is well. Moral of the story: don't flop. You be able to be on a first name basis with everyone in the clinic if you simply plan on.

I found Hermana Cambron! She is on West Campus but I saw her last Wednesday and at devotional when they are shipped up here to main. The handshakes we share are great hahaha and big PLUS Sister Allison Thomas gets here today and I can't wait for her to meet my district because we are the biggest trolls ever. 

P-day is Christmas here. Our zone is Scandinavia and we own this place. To pose the inverse lifestyle we live here in the MTC, our Saturdays are the absolute worst and longest day of our lives and Wednesdays save our souls. I'll leave a moment to let that sink in.

The Dutch is so great. In reality the language is a piece of cake. This last week Elder Hirsch and I have taught new onderzoekers and our first appointment with our onderzoeker Andy lasted over 45 minutes and we taught the entire first discussion in nothing but Dutch. And it has become so natural. So much so that Elder Morrell and I had to say the opening and closing prayers and district leadership meeting last night and it was a struggle in English. I kid you not I can only pray in Dutch. Coolest feeling in the world. Our old onderzoeker Pascal becomes our teacher this week too so that's real neat. 

Last night we were able to hear from the General YW President Bonnie L. Oscarson at our devotional and it was really cool. She told mission stories the whole time which has made me so excited. She was in Sweden so our Sweeties (what we call the Swedish elders) were pumped. 

Brother Eggett our choir director told a cool story I would like to share real quick. He likened our trials and affliction like unto a blacksmith and sword. As you place the scrap metal into the heated temperature it becomes vulnerable and able to be shaped. Then as the blacksmith desires, he pulls the soon to be sword from the intense heat and shapes it into what it's best potential could be. The heat also purifies the metal of any impure or lingering elements so that the sword will be the best. He then shapes the incredibly valuable sword. The same is true for us. Christ places us into heated times and affliction so that we will humble ourselves and become vulnerable. It is then that he will pulls us from it as we recognize His will and he will shape us and purify us to our potential that only He has seen all along. Our trials are a blessing. Look to Him and you can know that for yourself. I have lately and it is the best.

Reasons MTC choir has changed my outlook on singing forever:
A) the sisters always need more help than the elders which I am not used to
B) everyone here sings in tune. every elder and every sister. which I am definitely not used to.
C) we learn a song in 2 rehearsals with telling stories in between and we sound great.

If only choir was done like that everywhere. And language study. Heck too bad the MTC isn't like the world haha

I hope each and every one of you the best as you head off to college this week. Can't wait for y'all coming to the Y to partake of this great Spirit that comes here. Have fun on Saturday! And the rest of you headed anywhere else you will do so well. Acknowledge the Lord in all things and He will lift you. That's a scripture somewhere haha D&C probably I don't know I'm on medication so don't judge me haha 

Those headed to high school. I know you're dreading it. But live life. Forget the haters haha listen to that new Taylor Swift song about forgetting hater or something. I told you I'm not dead here, we know. hahaha my advice in high school is that the best thing you can get from it is a large sense of vocabulary and an eloquent way of speaking. You can use that anywhere. Forget calculus and government, I am a living witness that they are of the devil. But English is very important. I know because it has made my language learning here so much easier. And I can use good English skills anywhere I walk in life. Good luck. I really wish you the best.

I know with all my heart that the Church is true. Now let us all be completely true to the Church.
Ik weet dat de Kerk waar is met alle mijn hart. Nu, mogen wij alle worden beloven te de Kerk.

Met mier liefde,

Elder Trevan Scott Reese



We get a couple minutes tonight to email home which is awesome. So our P-day is on Wednesdays (of course) so I won't be writing til Wednesday. But it is seriously the best. We don't get to host Wednesday either but it breaks up the week nicely. 

This place is absolutely amazing. You have no idea hahahaha I love everything. Within 24 hours we were praying in Dutch I'm not kidding. And today on day 2 I was already appointed district leader which is super cool. I love it here. Did I already say that? This is such an amazing work. I have no doubt this is where I am supposed to be right now. My district is awesome. There is actually 12 of us headed to the Netherlands but they just split it for classroom size so it's nice that I'm a leader of only 6 and not 12.

My companion is Elder Hirsch and he is so cool. He graduated from Lone Peak so we have a ton of ties that way. The MTC is so cool. I have already met the coolest people here and have such cool, nifty, lame, and the most embarrassing stories of my life hahahahaah I'll write again WEdnesday with each of them. I am bummed I can't host Taylor Shelbi or Allison though. BUt seriously that's the worst thing right now that's how great this is. 


Elder Trevan Reese


A quick picture curbside before they wisk him away
 The day he has waited so long for has finally  arrived.  Such a bittersweet moment. We are so happy that he has chosen to serve a mission for the next two years and know that he is exactly where he needs to be but it doesn't stop us from missing him.  A beautiful summer day to see him off to do the Lords work.  
Last minute pics at the Provo Temple

Grandma and Grandpa Reese

Thursday, August 14, 2014


 Trevan was ordained an Elder by President Henniman of the Paramount Stake.  He also gave Trevan some advice that he said would allow Trevan to have a happy and successful mission.

1. Be obedient in following mission rules

2. Don't flirt:)
3. Don't be stupid!

We had a good laugh and President Henniman shared some "stupid" choices other missionaries have made.

Trevan also got to stick his pin onto the map of all the stake missionaries.  He's the first for Belgium/Netherlands.  


 Trevan had told us that about 50 friends would be coming to his farewell and then after for lunch.  I thought, yeah right, but low and behold, IT CAME TO PASS that over 60 came and it was standing room only in sacrament meeting.  He gave an amazing, spiritual, and uplifting talk.  I am constantly amazed at strong the testimonies of todays youth are.  In addition, we had family travel here as well to make this day special for him.  How wonderful it is to have so many people in his life that love and support him.  Goes to show how many lives he's touched.  I can't wait to hear about the ones he'll touch while he's on his mission.


 Trevan had a friend take a bunch of pictures in June showing his excitement for the mission he will be serving.  I love these.

I was so happy when I found out he did these.  They will be such a fun memory for him later on.

This one is my favorite

March, 2014. Trevan receiving his mission call. Oh where, Oh where will he go?

Friends and family guess where he is going

Reading his mission call
Trevan got his mission call the day before and wanted his friends all over then but he had to be patient since the rest of us where going in different directions.  As it was, there was a 10 minute window Saturday morning for him to read it since Braden and I had to be to a Lacrosse game.  I don't think anyone guessed Belgium/Netherlands.
Proud parents sending their son to the Belgium/Netherlands Mission

The Life of an LDS Missionary

This Blog is for family and friends of Elder Trevan Reese as he embarks on his mission for the next two years.  I hope you enjoy following the life our missionary as much as we will.