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Monday, January 25, 2016

It Snow Wonder the Dutch Pack Their Skates - January 18, 2016

For the first time since I've been in this country, Mother Nature has dumped some snow. Some. Snow. Nothing compared to the Rockies but enough to stop the trains. The Dutch have ice skates up north ready for whenever it freezes, and they skate on the street, straight down the canals and every body of water they can find. It's no surprise they can sweep Olympic speed skating year after year. It's their pride and joy.

I will be blunt. This week was a frustrating one as far as the work in Apeldoorn. Or should I say the lack of work we were able to do. We had our zone training Wednesday, which went really well and stayed time-managed perfectly, but it called for planning time and setup/tear down time. WE had to write our transfer report all day Saturday and went to bed at 3am, and taught the district leaders Saturday morning. Since we wrote the transfer report, we needed to work with our problem child companionships to help them out, so we spent a lot of time with 3 certain companionships that are pinheads sometimes and can frankly be a pain to work with. But we had a good time in the end and learned good things.

I got to go up north twice and that is when it snowed on us. MY two exchanges up there were really fun and we saw miracles both days by being let in at night and one potential investigator even made us a small Dutch dinner haha. She was one of the funniest 70 year old Dutch ladies I have met. She and Oma Peters would thrive together haha

I wrote a piano song a while back and played it in sacrament meeting yesterday. Oma Peters was so excited and happy hahaha she started speaking Vries to me and I told her I couldn't understand hahhaa bless her heart.

Funny AND Wrong
We see Maria tonight. So that story is to be announced. Should be good.

So many people I love head home soon and it's getting hard to see them get ready to go. Zuster Voss and the Romigs gave their final testimonies in zone training this week. They only have 2 more weeks.

Elder Hirsch told me that we have less than 6 months until we are home too. Crazy. I could only have one more city after Apeldoorn. But heck I would be pumped to have Apeldoorn be my last city haha I really can’t bear the thought of leaving these members. Abankie is doing great in Suriname hahaha I LOVE that guy so much. So funny and so pure. 

Bama won the championship, Seahawks are out. Just skip to next season already. Then I will enjoy it with you. 

Love you all, wees nooit bevreesd want de Here God is met u geweest. - door ikzelf verzonnen. Het klopt niet eigenlijk maar geen van jullie kunnen dit begrijpen dus maakt het eigenlijk niet zo veel uit mwhaha.

jouw lieve maatje,

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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