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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You Don´t Go Cold Turkey on Thanksgiving in Holland - November 30, 2015

This past week we racked up a total of 4 Thanksgiving dinners across the board of senior couples and President Bunnell. We end up celebrating Thanksgiving more overseas than in the states itself ha-ha. And every time it was sooOOOoo good. I have missed food like that. Something to look forward to back at home someday.

We had our turkey bowl Monday and it was glorious. PERFECT weather with sunshine and about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We put sisters as QB a few times and scored every time (secret weapon) and Apeldoorn ended up beating Groningen soundly. Almost every zone member was there and we had a great time together, pictures to come.

Other than that, Elder Childs and I had just about everything with no proselyting value hit us in the face this week as zone leaders, as far as cleaning the car, MLC, DLC, zone vision cards, sick missionaries, travelling to and fro, choir practice, etc. So we kept busy but on the flipside of the work this week.

However, we had some cool miracles happen. Wednesday we took over an appointment for the sisters and taught a solid Dutch guy a strong first lesson and invited him to be baptized. He understood our message really well and loved the word Restoration. He said something about it ´klopt´ ha-ha or just makes sense. We should see him again next week.

Also, Hamid, a great investigator here with his family from Iran, came to church this week and I developed such a strong love for him. He was so happy to be in church and to participate. He has lived here with his wife and kids for 30 years or so, speaks Dutch and they are all Christian. He is one of those people that lights up your day when you see him because his heart is of pure gold. Just to paint the picture, we knocked his door, he said HEYY GUYS shook our hands and told us to come back on a day that he didn´t have so much cooking to do ha-ha so we did and here he is. 
We had our monthly MLC in Den Haag this week which was sick because I saw Morrell Cook and Parr again. It´s nice to have connections through your best buds in the mission ha-ha. 

We were in Groningen this week and it was POURING rain. Shouldn´t be surprised by that but it was sooooo rainy. So Elder Childs and I decide to cut our shoes some slack and went proselyting in klompen for the rest of the time we had there. You can storm through puddles and your feet will never get wet in those wooden shoes ha-ha people loved to see it too ha-ha American accents in the rain wearing klompen. Classic.

Have a great week this week


Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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