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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Transferring, Planning, and the Ripple Effect from Paris - November 16, 2015

Transferring, Planning, and the Ripple Effect from Paris
Today all the flags are half-mast in Holland in tribute to the attacks in Paris that happened on Friday. The news is obviously ballistic over here, but I think it might be even worse in America with the presidency campaigns and debates about World War III. We have been kept up to date about things like that because a suspect was just arrested in Brussels and this last week we opened Brussels in our mission. I can only imagine what is happening in the Paris mission.

Paris is closer to where I am sitting now than Boise is to Salt Lake.

Last year we had the Je Suis Charlie attack in Paris also which sent high alert status into Antwerpen, and I made it through that one ha-ha so hopefully things stay that way. No missionaries have been affected in the Paris mission either. 

We have had a lopsided week this week full of lame things to write about.... We had transfers Wednesday in Utrecht, always making for an adventure since the station is in the middle of its 30 year renovation overhaul. You can never get away from construction, even outside of America and I-15. 

The last few days we have been planning and planning and planning for zone training which this Wednesday is. Elder Childs, Zuster Bush and I have lots to do still but the training should be good. Our time is crunched hard. 

But never forget JOSE. She is still killing it and one of the coolest people I have been able to get to know on my mission. We taught her about President Monson and shared his Dare to Stand Alone talk, and she loved how he can lead us and how he is a person ha-ha. We have gone through the baptismal interview questions preparing her for her interview this week, and she has been writing everything down and studying it to know. Bless her heart. We told her it isn´t a test or anything but she wants to know as much as she can. She has her dress, jumpsuit, program and everything picked out for Saturday :) It will be such a cool service! Makes for a busy week!

Because of that, no much funny business has happened. Lame, I know.

Remember the importance of prayer:

´´Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?´´


Elder Trevan Scott Reese

PS I dropped my camera in the church in Zwolle and the battery fell out so until I get it back I have no new pictures... Classic

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