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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So Doop; The Danger of Vacuums - November 23, 2015

MOM NOTE: I accidentally posted the week of the 23rd after I already posted Nov. 30th.  Scroll down to see November 30th post)

This last week has been one for the books and was just as nuts as I said it would be last week. We had our zone training this last Wednesday in Zwolle and it went really well. Our presentations hit home and we had some hilarious role plays ha-ha so now there are a ton of inside jokes with the Apeldoorn zone about 2 polish ladies on the door..... Ha-ha

But the biggest news came on SATURDAY. Because Jose was baptized Saturday night and confirmed just yesterday in church!! We were filling the baptismal font around 5 and as it got to about 6:45 I was really praying and hoping more people would show up for her baptism... She was there with her members friends and a member of the bishopric when we were about to get started. Then I look around the corner and a flood of members came walking in! We had about 30 people here for her baptism and then walks in MARIA. Hahaha I was so happy. Little Maria at 4´8´´ braving the dark and cold to come see a baptism at the church. I love her to pieces and the ward members thought she was the funniest little lady ever. Funny story about her to come...

Jose was confirmed and the baptism was soOOoo good! She and Bro Van Vriesland who baptized her did great and she was so happy! Yesterday is church she was saying how she just felt clean. She is a champ taking notes in church and reading up in the scriptures and hymn book. Yesterday we stopped by and gave her a brand new triple combination and some of those scripture stickers Mom mailed and she was so excited. She loves crafts and can make anyone clothes so the Relief Society is all over her anyway. MIRACLES. 

We saw so many cool things this week. Friday we had no solid plans which is always rough, but on exchanges we were able to apply our zone training and found 10 potential investigators and taught 3 lessons out of nothing specifically planned. The Lord looks out for his disciples. 

Quick miracle: As we were teaching last week and giving Jose the baptismal interview, a man knocked on the window at the van vrieslands and came inside as a friend of Jose´s. He took off his jacket and was wearing a cross on his necklace. I talked to him about it and basically contacted him in their house with 6 people around and we have an appointment for Wednesday at 7 teaching him, Jose, and the van vriesland´s at the van vriesland´s house! I trained on teaching when finding and finding when teaching and this week God came full circle and we saw miracles with both!

The zone has let us know about several miracles they have seen this week applying what we trained on. We told people to quick contacting people to just talk to people. Get to know them. Fall in love with them. Kind of. And THEN relate the Gospel to their needs or wants. Miracles have been pouring in and people are slowing getting a change in opinion about the Mormons and church here in the Netherlands :)

Alright here is the story about Maria: HAHA we went over on Friday to invite her to the baptism and she let us in, we talked to her (calmed her about refugees and terror for about the 8th time now) and were able to read together and teach and all that jazz. Then OUT OF THE BLUE she starts rubbing her eye because something gets in it. She tells us about how it has been in there for days and she can´t get it out. So the day before she had taken the vacuum hose and put it UP TO HER EYE to try and get the ´stukje´ out. She told us how the vacuum got stuck and she started yelling and pulled it off before her eye got yanked out. HAHA this little Indonesian lady living alone is trying to relieve her eye with a vacuum hose and keep her eye from coming out. The way she tells it is soooOOOoo funny but she is so genuine about it it´s hard to laugh ha-ha so she told us she was going to go buy a SMALLER VACCUUM hahahahaha so I interrupted her and told her no, go to the doctor. Hopefully she takes the advice but her reasoning is that the vacuum is cheaper than the doctor. Boy oh boy.

Anyway, it was a great one and we have Turkey Bowl today and a great thanksgiving week planned! Should be a good one! Hopefully the terror threats stay away.....Yeeeeahh ha-ha

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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