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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sinter Klaas en Pietjes - December 7, 2015

It´s the most wonderful time of the year. Saturday December 5th the Dutch celebrated Christmas like Americans do with Sint Niklaas (St Nicholas) and Pietjes (elves). So we were with a super great family Saturday night when they open presents and the 2 little kids were soOOO funny. From now until Christmas everyone celebrates the birth of Christ and on Christmas Day everyone eats together as a family and might go to the church for the Christmas service. I like it a lot. The focus on Christ is stronger here during the season, ironically.

Tuesday I worked with Elder Abankie in Apeldoorn on exchanges haha talk about a flashback. We had a great time and saw miracles in getting in contact with people who have been lost for a while. We taught some solid lessons this week to Hamid and Maria, after hearing another one of Maria´s critical life stories, this time about losing her public transportation card. (Every appointment there is something new but we use it to teach her the Gospel every time haha) Hamid is one of the purest guys I know and I love working with him and his family. He really understands the Book of Mormon and learned how to pray so quickly. We taught a lesson on the door also which is always a neat experience, especially when the woman scowls at you thinking you are Jehovah´s witnesses then having her thank you out of her heart when you leave. The power of the Spirit changes hearts.

Jose has been a little sick, which is a bummer but we will meet with her this week and she is still her same happy, bubbly, more confident self. She is a champ.

Hopefully we are able to teach some good first lessons this next week because we have a stack of people to go look up at teach. We are jam-packed with Zone Conference, Zone Service, and 2 Christmas Concerts this week, but they are all great opportunities for missionary work to improve!

Transfers are next week during the Christmas concert so all the missionaries will be freaking out getting phone calls during the most emphatic of Hallelujah choruses heard on this side of the Mississippi.

And by the way, BYU playing Utah in the Vegas Bowl? Are you kidding?! I came on my mission when I did so that I wouldn´t miss any of those matchups. Haha

The funniest thing that happened this week was yesterday when we brought the sacrament to Bro Van Dam in his assisted living center. He was watching billiards (totally boring outside of a mission but as a set apart representative of Christ it is like the Super Bowl) that was being played between British and Chinese fellows. Bro Van Dam was for the British guy and told us how the Chinese guy was one of the ugliest Chinese people he had ever seen. So we were interested to see what he looked like when the camera hit him. After a minute he came up on the screen and looked exactly like every other Chinese man in the world. Of course. Then we look at 87 year old Bro Van Dam and he says See? Ugly eh? Haha we told him they always just look the same and he said Yeah...I know they do. HAHAHA sooo funny. Dutch people.

Hopefully we can get some video of some sort because we are helping the ward with some big deal Christmas concerts this weekend. I almost sang a solo haha yeah not happening.

´´The last thing on your mind is that the day holds something special, something holy, not superficial, so here´s to the Jesus Christ who saved our lives.´´ - Taylor Swift. One of our favorites to party to in the car.

Love Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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