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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Alles Op Eens - December 14, 2015

This week´s title is influenced by the fact that almost NEVER in the life of a missionary do things come at a steady well-manageable pace. Instead, either nothing is happening making you miserable and desperate, or everything comes at once, making you miserable and desperate. 
So here´s the story.
It´s the most wonderful time of the year. Yeah yeah we all know but what does that mean? In essence, NOBODY wants to risk having a less-than-ordinary Christmas season. Which is good because people tend to put in more effort to be happy, pleasant, and peaceful. For the most part.
Comprised list of things that happened in the past 7 days making a hectic start to the Christmas season: 
- Investigator getting an operation this Friday. No formal appointments for a month. Yay.
- Zone Conference in Rotterdam. 
- Super awesome new investigator drops us. Come back next year. (We are going in January mwhaha)
- Zone Service Project at the Food Bank in Zwolle. People start to see us more than Jehovah´s Witnesses here to dunk the Dutch. #JokesOnThem
- 2 repeat 2 Stake Christmas Concerts Saturday and Sunday evening in Apeldoorn bringing FLEETS of nonmembers to the church including sweet little Maria with both eyes still intact. 
- Transfer calls occurring DURING the last Christmas concert making 9:00 last night a jumble between Maria, nonmember friends, members wanting to know about transfers, missionaries wanting to know about transfers, a broken fax machine in the office making us solely reliant on the computer, and call in reports with a jam packed Apeldoorn church building. Woot.
To say the least, things have been exciting. But really, they have been. It was a great week. Jose is killing it, is becoming more and more independent, should be getting a calling soon. Maria came to the concert, despite the fact that she thought I invited her to a comedian show at the church, and she loved it nonetheless. Hamid has surgery on Friday. Henny dropped us. The December blues are coming around a bit where investigators have little to no time to meet. So we will go find new ones. AKA member referrals from the concert. 
But, the other news I guess, is that I´m staying in Apeldoorn. Thank goodness. I would have been so upset to leave. I could honestly live here the rest of my mission and be completely content. This place is home, these people are family. Give me an immunization shot to transfers please. Elder Hosea is coming here which is Elder Conatti´s greenie and he is a sick kid so I am pumped.
We are getting Skype set up soon. SO CRAZY. I can´t believe it is here again. I feel like I was just in Den Haag. 
Hopefully I can get some pictures of our zone service project soon because I was in charge of it with the members and leaders of the organization and it went great! I wrote an article also for the Zwolle newspaper which is going to be reviewed and published probably.
I will try to get some video or pictures for the Christmas concert too. I was really good. For real. The stake has musical talent here.
Also there were 6 missionaries going home this transfer and 3 of them gave dying testimonies in zone conference who were my companions and I got shout outs haha. I am known in the mission for having a little amount of companions. Mostly because Conatti and I stayed together for so long.
This week is packed with more zone stuff. The sisters that came out with me are going home next transfer which is nuts. TIME FLIES. 
We should have good stories coming up. We plan on seeing Maria twice hahaha so twice the adventure.
Christmas in Europe is truly a blessing. I wouldn´t trade it for anything in the world. 
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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