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Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Dutch Christmas - December 21, 2015

I cannot believe that Christmas is on Friday. Every year of my life I've anticipated it for weeks and this year it just sneaks up. Being constantly busy gives you so little time to think of those kinds of things. But I will see some of you on Friday! 

We had a week full of packing, transferring, planning, and teaching. I will begin with the story of stories beginning Tuesday night...

This is Elder Childs' last day as a missionary, and nothing spectacular had happened. UNTIL we get a call from some elders up north who locked themselves out and had no spare keys.... SO being the charming zone leaders we are, reassured them that we would drive 2 hours up to get them in. They decide to lighten the situation by meeting us halfway in Meppel aka middle of nowhere. WE arrive in podunk Meppel and give the key to the two peachy elders. Well turns out it was the old key from when the sisters lived there and locked themselves out with the key broken in the lock, so the lock was replaced and we had no new key.

Chapter 2- They drive down with us and sleep over in Apeldoorn before transfers the next day in Utrecht. We had to get the key from missionaries in Leiden to them through the trains so they could go back and unlock their apartment, get their stuff and turn around to go to Rotterdam. The transition went smooth, but the real catch came when time was running tight and the transferred elder with his travel buddy got separated in Amersfoort. We were on our way back to Apeldoorn already and realized that half of the train went to Rotterdam and half to Den Haag but split halfway with one elder on one side and the other in the other.... So we had a new missionary heading to Den Haag without a phone, alone, and the other to Rotterdam. Long story short, we had zone leaders waiting in Den Haag and Apeldoorn and Rotterdam looking for this new elder lost in South Holland. BUT the Lord loves us and the new missionary was smart enough to get off in Gouda and swap trains to Rotterdam so he arrived safe and sound but it was a crazy few hours..

AS FAR AS REAL WORK GOES, we played piano at a station, sang and handed out Christmas cards which was cool. We went to teach Jose, turned out that her friend was there so we taught him too and invited him to be baptized. Miracle. And while we were sitting in the church planning on Friday the church phone rings and Elder Hosea talks to a lady who called from the church website and wants us to teach her daughter. Woot woot. And the sisters had a member friend show up to the church Friday and have questions about the Book of Mormon. Soooo miracles happen even when you are busy. 

The ward Christmas party was this week and was a blast. The primary are my best friends. I even got handed a freshly tugged tooth yesterday before sacrament meeting which was a bloody mess. Ha-ha

This week will be fun with Christmas for sure. The members are fantastic and the area is beautiful. Christmas in Europe is truly a once in a lifetime experience. And I am so grateful to be able to take part of it :)

Love Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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