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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

O Het Is Wonderbaar, Wonderbaar Voor Mij

O Het Is Wonderbaar, Wonderbaar Voor Mij
Scathing Holland: Week 15

Holland Orange
What a week we had this week. Sooo full of miracles and amazing experiences. Tuesday we were on exchanges with the zone leaders and we both blitzed Delft which was awesome because it doubled our force there so we could get twice as much done. We visited Bart with a member and were able to teach him about the plan of salvation through the Book of Mormon to solidify his testimony of its truth. We had a great lesson and he pointed out how he really enjoyed the personal experiences and attachments we had to what we were teaching and the feelings it brought to him. We had Theo, the member, invite him to come to church and he came yesterday! Of course we weren't there....because we are inactive in Den Haag but our ward mission leader Bro. Scherf took great care of him and Theo was there too.

Lunch at Ikea
Also Vilma, the Colombian inactive that we played therapist with last week, has come to back to church twice now and both times with a friend who isn't a member! She is doing great and asks the teacher what she can read to prepare for the lesson next week. She told us that she wants us to teach her two friends from Spain and Ecuador who both have a little interest. Suuuuper cool.

Wednesday consisted of:
-contacting on the street and finding a former investigator from the Den Haag Zusters who lost her when she moved and then talking for an hour on the street and getting her new info.
-rain and wind
-knocking on doors and finding a Dutch man studying to be a boat navigator who let us in and we taught the restoration and committed him to baptism when he comes to know the truth
-visiting Vilma and hearing about her church experiences and friends
-rain and wind
-eating dinner with an inactive member whose husband wants to quit smoking and be baptized
-teaching jones about the temple with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric who is the coolest guy ever
-wind (but no rain!)


We also had our 4th performance for our project this week and we were in Haarlem with a record breaking 221 people in attendance (WHAT) #newrecord

Also Haarlem is where the Best 2 years was filmed so shout out to that movie set life as a European missionary. Train station is gorgeous too.

Knocking on doors
But I must say one of if not the best part of the week was yesterday morning, attending church in Antwerpen for the project and seeing everyone from my first area again! It was such an awesome welcome and everyone thought I was back to stay haha but it’s just for the project. IT was soooo amazing and one of the most emotional experiences I have had here. It was also a lot of fun to talk to everyone in Dutch hahaha because I could say nothing as a greenie. We will visit the members this week and I can’t wait.

We have to perform 3 times this week for zone conferences which will be......exhausting.

Things are not only rollin' here but they are T-R-U-C-K, they keep on truckin' all the way.
Shout out to American football with that one.

Have a great week!


Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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