This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 2, 2015

Good Morning, America. I am Elder Reese.

A full time mission is more than adequate preparation for one headed into a psychology or therapeutical major. Including experiences such as:
-aiding a member from Aruba whose daughter is a maniac and destroys the house by throwing glass bottles and cutting her father’s foot open
-entering an appointment with a Colombian woman who is bawling on the phone since her father had just passed away, and consoling her for 2 hours until her daughter arrives, in the meanwhile being eaten alive by a chihuahua
-teaching an inactive man who looked like the purple people eater on a bench outside in the rain about how a branch will not be returning to Delft soon because almost everyone here is inactive.

On the flip side our investigators are doing well and we have appointments with a bunch of them today. The goal is to get Jones to church every week and build his testimony on that so that he remains active. The ward is fantastic and his activity in church will play a huge role in his progression.

The project.

When they said we would be touring the mission they weren't kidding.
List of visited destinations week of April 27, 2015:
-Den Haag

Holy buckets we were in the car for so long this last week. We visited the units in Alkmaar and Almere this last week whom are located on opposite sides of the IJsselmeer dijk so we had to drive 30 or so kilometers in between them every night over the Dutch North Sea.

One of my favorite parts this week was in Amsterdam. Thursday we met with the Amsterdam missionaries at the train station where the public piano was and the 4 of us performed songs from our program like Bring Him Home from Les Mis and the Come Thou Fount and the First Vision in Dutch. An estimated 50 people came around and listened and we were able to give them information about the church and our project! There was even a woman crying during the first vision song and we learned she was from Russia and the message really touched her. The Amsterdam Zusters are working with her too.

I got to work with Elder Morrell this last week and will this week too. Always makes it a good time hahaha visiting these units makes me hope that I can serve in some of them and some of them make me hope that I...don’t go there haha

We had some awesome experiences and the members in Almere and Alkmaar are so fun!

Also, in 5 flipping days i will be going to the place that i call home. SUNDAY WE WILL BE IN ANTWERPEN. I have to contain myself right now though because once i start calling members to visit them again i will probably cry haha

Have an awesome week!!
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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