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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

There Is No Place Like Home - May 18, 2014

They say life is like a box of chocolates.
I don't know who 'they' are but that phrase really doesn't make sense to me.

Music in the bushes = Artistic Flare, hmm.  Spiders!?

Another week come and gone. This Irish flare is brought to ye in honor of my favorite member of whom I visited last night in the beloved city of Antwerpen. Yes, I saw the Schiltz' again.

This last week we performed our fireside 3 full times for the zone conferences in Antwerpen, Rotterdam, and Zoetermeer. It was pretty stressful having to play the piano for an hour and half straight and perfectly 3 days in a row but I was definitely aided though it this last week.

Delft - I think
Zone Conference
We had an incredible zone conference (x3) in which we learned that coming this summer our mission will be receiving iPads! The buzz is up around the mission about it and I am excited with all the training we received but I will be honest, it doesn't faze me that much that we are getting them. It will make emailing and maps much nicer but I am afraid that it will become a master and not a servant. Hopefully not though and it is definitely inspired so things will all work well.

Dress up on P-day
We were able to give Jones a blessing this last week because he was sick but his baptism is being postponed for a while because his church attendance is lacking. IT is pretty frustrating because we aren't at church either because of the project and so it is so difficult to get everything managed through phones and members and then we aren't even there to support it. We are praying hard to know what to do for him and so we should see some progress as we are led.

We met with Pepijn again (I think I told you about him) and he really enjoyed the plan of salvation! We will teach him again this week and he is really solid in learning and is genuinely curious. Also we met with the De Bruijns again and will set up their program tomorrow to help them stop smoking.

More of Delft - I think
I really can't describe my experiences back in Antwerpen this week. I love that city with all of my heart and it doesn't seem to want to give me my heart back. I loved being able to talk with the members more freely in Dutch now and to see them all again. They are all excited about the project too which is cool to see that support from those that I love. We also taught an investigator from the zusters and she is a self-referral with 2 kids and a husband who all listened to our message. We watched the Because of Him video and sang for her and she was in tears as we shared the Spirit with her. She is sooo cool and the part I found cool was that she lives on a street that Elder Shelton and I have knocked before. She was one of those homes where either no one was home or at the time or the interest wasn't there. But Heavenly Father prepares people in His own due time and now she is a solid progressor that is willing to get to our fireside even if it has to be in a wheelchair (she has a hip problem).

It is very refreshing to be back in Delft. It has been a week since we have been home and a week too long haha

I hope you all have a killer week

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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