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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Preach with the Colors of the Wind - April 27, 2015

Holland in the Spring is irreplaceable. This week we worked in the Haarlem area where the Best 2 Years was filmed and if you thought the movie had gorgeous tulip fields, you have to come see them in real life. Every time I feel as if I am hallucinating haha.

Last Monday we had an appointment with Jones, another DTR lesson to see why we lost contact for the 2 weeks after we set his baptismal date. My record with these DTR lessons has been quite optimistic however and this time turned out to be no different. As we talked and taught him last Monday night we watched the conference talk during his dinner about choosing to believe and he ate it up. The dinner as well. I then had the impression to just be bold and figure out everything behind the loss of contact and his baptismal date on the 2nd of May. Then he turned the tables. He told us how excited he was for his baptism and how he had just about begun to tell everyone about it. HAHAHA it was amazing. NEVER lose faith in people, people. How many times have I said that on my mission?? NEVER LOSE FAITH.

I told him straight up that if he is to be baptized and made a member of Christ's church he is expected to be active in the church and basically D&C 20:37 verbatim. He understands that and has committed to it. We ended up teaching him Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We gave him the preach my gospel study guide so he could study with us. He has investigated for 2 years, knows the gospel principles as much as the institute teacher and church attendance is the only thing holding him back.  We had our own challenge with that since we travel to a different sacrament meeting every sunday anyway, but we brought the other Den Haag elders with us, arranged a ride for Jones to church, confirmed plans, told members, and HE CAME TO CHURCH. Praise the land. We will meet with him Wednesday again and set a solid date.

Pathetic however because our project is throwing our baptism for a loop and we can’t find freaking TIME FOR IT. How terrible is that. We have to work that out haha but it will happen. I’m not letting our project get in the way. It sounds like the 23rd of May will be Jones' date though. But we go to Antwerpen in 3 weeks so LIFE IS GREAT. Unbelievably pumped.

This week for the project we were in Haarlem like I said, performed in Almere for next week and
spent time in the Amsterdam Centrum as well. We worked with the Haarlem elders and IJmouiden sisters a lot this week and one of the sisters in from Belgium so I spoke FLEMISH again! I forgot how much I love it. I will let the videos do all the justice of the week however.

Today was Koningsdag as well which is Dutch 4th of July and national yard sale day hahah. Unfortunately today I was on that finding grind too much and only got one picture.... but it was out of this world! ORANJE everywhere, people everywhere. But I got the high score today since I found a couple people and made appointments on the spot.  We were in Scheveningen on the beach so they will go to the Den Haag missionaries but it was so cool to be on the coast!

This week I focused really hard on Dutch studies and improving my language fluency, then today a man asked me if I was Dutch or if my parents were Dutch because I sound like an echt Hollander! Pretty cool part of the day today. Mouth of a Dutchman heart of a patriot. #swag

We got a big week again this week in fact we are squeezing p day into a couple hours since koningsdag was today and we have the project so lots of work should get done (:

Moroni 8:22 was my favorite this week: "For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled"


Nothing beats college football. Also met a family from Georgia and talked hard core SEC football for a while. A well-needed health dose.

Love you all!

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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