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Monday, January 26, 2015

And Just Like That, Everything Changed

January 26, 2015

I don't even know where to begin with this one.

This last week has flipped 180 and it all began with Wednesday with transfers.

Antwerpen Station
Bosco, Bernier and I rode the train up to Leiden at 6:45 AM because Bosco is the new AP. He had been acting funny about things in the office with me for a couple days and I discovered why that Wednesday morning. I was speaking to Zuster Robinson and she told me how what we were doing was for the ultimate goal of receiving referrals while in the meanwhile continuing to baptize and confirm. I looked like a pigeon. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then President pulled me aside. and talked about a meeting we would have the next day discussing the logistics of the project. Again, pigeon.

We went to the train station to meet up with companions and transfer when I met Elder Hunter and Elder Pouwer. They told me how excited they were to work with me on this project and I asked what in the world is going on.

Bosco, Bernier and I
Here it is.

President has decided along with Elder Hunter that 4 Elders in the mission will compose a music group that are to TOUR THE MISSION and perform at stakes and units for the purpose of stimulating referrals and reaching out to nonmembers. Elder Hunter is the Elder that sang the solo in Priesthood session of this last conference and works for the church in productions such as the Nauvoo Pageant, British Pageant and Savior of the World. We have been given a car for our touring and I will travel back to Brussels on Friday to obtain a Belgian Driver’s license and we will tour the mission.

I am on a music tour of Europe. A Church music tour in Europe.

We met Thursday and are to write, rehearse, and know a program that is to last an hour to an hour and a half. Most of this is Elder Hunter's ideas that have made this possible. The purpose of this project is not to show off our talents, create a performance or anything but to bring members and nonmembers alike together in a nonthreatening atmosphere where the Spirit will be present and people will leave wondering what it is they have felt and what it is they can have through this Gospel. 

We have planned and rehearsed and written all day everyday this past week and have come up with a plan of telling the story of a Dutch man's life. WE begin with birth and family and continue through past death. Throughout this life story we teach the Restoration and Plan of Salvation through music and story that we receive from members and missionaries. This is how the Lord is hastening His work in the Belgium/Netherlands mission.

Zr Julie Van Wauwe and I 
We are staying here in Den Haag for the first performance in March then go to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerpen (WOOT), Groningen, Apeldoorn, and Eindhoven in the months following. SO like that, the next months of my mission are set. All the meanwhile still working in Delft and fortifying the Den Haag ward there. 

This is the life of a missionary. And oh how sweet it is. 

And stressful. We have two pieces of music already that the other three are expecting me to know how to play and it is so hard! I can't learn a song in 2 days, I wish I could, but I can’t even being on the piano for 6 hours a day like I have been. I have been more exhausted these last days than ever before in my life. I was supposed to have fore notice too but Elder Bosco was told not to let the word out so he couldn’t tell me. 

WE have met twice with President and his wife, his first counselor, the APs and ourselves to discuss and plan this project. We visit members in certain cities and instruct them on how to invite friends then sing in public squares to advertise. 

Now that that is explained, here is Delft. SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh boy our apartment is right next to the station which is perfect and a 2 minute bike ride to the centrum, 1 minute walk to the bus and tram stops and central to everything. completely opposite from Antwerpen. I haven’t even had time to breathe this last week so I will send more pictures of the city next time. 

We go to the Den Haag ward which is the most solid ward in the mission. and the biggest. with Antwerpen as number 2. so I am simply climbing the ladder haha. The people are so fantastic and nice and missionary minded which is so cool to see. And we had to teach the English Sunday school lesson this last week which was cool to meet everyone and teach them haha. Elder Bernier is the zone leader in den haag too so I get to be with him and Bosco is the ap so that’s fun too.

I got news that Mark in Antwerpen just set a baptismal date with his girlfriend, both for March 1st!!!!!!! ah so exciting and Fredrick set one for March 15th as well!!!! That made me so happy.
Elder Cook and I at the train station

Transfer days I saw Elder Cook. FINALLY. HE is the one that had visa difficulty and had to stay behind alone in the MTC while the other 11 of us came out. AND HE WAS UNEXPECTEDLY IN THE LEIDEN STATION. it was seriously the notebook status when we saw each other and ran across the station and hugged hahahaha


SO I am safe from terrorism in Holland now but I go to Belgium Friday so that will be explosively exciting. 

this probably seems pretty jumbled and hectic but you know welcome to my mind these last few days.

our apartment in Delft is real nice. so much better than Antwerpen. and the shower is glorious. like a massage.

I really have had a difficult time these last few days with trying to learn this music so fast and having it ready for the others to sing too. They are always together practicing and get done real quickly and I sit on the piano alone and pluck it out and I still can’t play good enough or quick enough so that is really frustrating. especially because almost all our time is spent on that and I can’t even get that right. I am so grateful for this chance to turn to my Savior for help and strengthen my testimony on his love and guidance. I have already seen it. I have played piano for 13 years and these pieces are hard. I can play things ok but these are difficult and I know that the only way it is going anywhere is because of His hand in my work. yes it is so hard that I need three hands haha

Delft in the morning
As you can see, this week has been one for the books. Just like that, everything changed. 

I am so grateful for your prayers and love. 

I hope to send more exciting stories later but my mind is racing still.

Love you all

Elder Trevan Scott Reese


It’s pretty warm here but it gets windy and rainy so it feels like ice cubes are pelting you in the face.

I didn’t notice a ton of difference in police in antwerpen but as a missionary you don’t see news or anything so we went about as normal and taught the terrorists. As a missionary you feel invincible. 

Guess what. Hallie is going to church this week up in Missoula with a less active LDS friend.
Is that cool or what. I almost cried when I read that.

GO SEAHAWKS it is a sensitive subject here. Too many patriots fans in the mission
 I hope the ward is doing well.

The Den Haag ward here is so coooooool

Dutch is so easy to understand now that that Flemish gunk is gone haha

I miss antwerpen though. I get a weird homesick about it

Elder Conatti and I have a great time. He is kind of a germaphobe haha which I find hilarious because I am coming from just the opposite.

Yes the shower is fabulous

Tell Bert I am proud he will be a deacon!

Really I cannot believe how beautiful delft is.

Bike rides through the canal streets and windmill corners and cobblestone paths is to die for. I almost contemplated going on a bike ride today for p day I love it so much. A bike ride for fun as a missionary.

We have several dinner appointments this week to meet new members which is cool and appointments with investigators. It’s real hard because we are both new in the city so we don’t know anyone or how to get anywhere haha we improvise

I love you so much and I am so grateful for the power that your prayers bring me. You have no idea. Life was crazy and busy back home when I thought it was hard but I know for a fact that it was only preparing me to do this here and now for these people.

So starting Friday I will be driving around the Netherlands haha in an automatic. Don’t worry.

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