This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Monday, January 19, 2015


 Take a glance into your dining room and search for your finest china. The most famous is white with Delft blue printing of perhaps a windmill or so. Well, as of Wednesday I will be living in the midst of these famous dishes in one of the most beautiful cities in Holland! I AM BEING TRANSFERRED TO DELFT!!! Holy buckets I am so excited. When we got the calls last night everyone freaked out with me because it is the dream city of so many people in the mission.

Delft is southeast of Den Haag and just Northwest of Rotterdam so I am right in the middle of South Holland and I am SO EXCITED. Delft tis famous for its Delft blue china, its windmills and tulips in the spring. If I stay more than 1 transfer I will be in Holland in the spring with the flowers and the windmills. Talk about a dream come true. There are really beautiful churches in Delft and it is an awesome combo of old and charming and new and modern. AH I am so excited.

Antwerpen has the second biggest ward in the mission with about 120 active members. I thought with my odds that I would be moving to a quaint branch after being in a major city. Well Delft is in the Den Haag ward which is THE biggest ward in the mission. People just love me.

I am really excited to start new and see Holland and see another city. My comp is Elder Conatti and he is from Brazil! He is here Portuguese speaking and is coming to Delft from Rotterdam so we are whitewashing in! Gonna be crazy and probably hard so good thing this is the Lord's work.

In our district we have 8 Den Haag missionaries, a senior couple, elders, sisters, zone leaders, the Delft elders (us) and zoetermeer elders and sisters which is where the temple is. I will live real close to the temple; it’s just one city over. I remember going to Zoetermeer for temple conference and thinking how beautiful it was and how I wanted to serve there. I AM GOING THERE. Right next to the temple in Delft. Legit Delft is one of the coveted cities in the mission. You can probably taste my excitement through the computer screen. Elder Bernier who is my district leader now is the new Den Haag zone leader so we are taking the train up together and will be working again together which is sooooo cool. Our exchanges here in Antwerpen wrought some of the coolest miracles I have seen.

Unfortunately, we had another rough week here in Antwerpen. I hate flaky people. Here we call them flauw if they are flaky and literally translated that means flavorless. I don’t even care. If people aren’t gonna stick to their appointments, gosh dang they are flavorless. BUT we did have some cool stuff. We met with Fredrick for the first time since before Christmas and he is sick with a bladder infection. He is a Suriname man with no filter whatsoever so we basically had a 7th grade health lesson in Dutch about the urinary system. Urine for a real treat when that happens. But we gave him a blessing after our lesson on tithing and he prayed at the end and asked Heavenly Father to heal him through his faith on priesthood power. Super cool. He told us nothing is holding him back from baptism except his health right now and he has quit all coffee drinking!

I had fufu again this week which was that African food where you eat soup and potato dough and chicken with your hands. That was a thrill.

And we got a cool new investigator this week named Agatha. Great story. We met with Ruby for the first time and she was busy doing this lady Flora's hair. (she was stitching hair onto her head because that is how Africans do hair) and we taught the whole restoration to them both haha and Flora wanted us to go see her sister a few houses down and give her Jesus. And that is Agatha. Simply imagine going to your hair appointment, being taught by 2 Americans while getting hair stitched on your head and then being asked to be baptized. Welcome to Europe haha so we went and met with Agatha this week and she is head over heels for us missionaries and the fact that we try to save the world through Jesus and peace and not terror and war. So we took it and ran. We taught her the restoration and she said her husband just stopped being a Muslim and wants to be Christian but doesn’t know exactly how.

Gold. We are teaching them now and she has never been baptized which is very uncommon here because everyone in Belgium is baptized Catholic as a baby. We tried to set a date for Feb 15th and that turns out to be her birthday hahahaha so we are working towards that now. I love the Spirit and this work so much because things like this just happens and it is no coincidence.

I set up an appointment this week in Spanish so that was bueno.

Mark is doing well still but unfortunately he forgot about our appointment this week so we didn’t get to teach him #lame.

Church on Sunday was great. I knew it was most likely my last Sunday in Antwerpen and I was sitting between Eric and Gerald. I just started to think about how blessed I am to have brought the Gospel to these two guys who now taste of the Spirit and enjoy the blessings that come from baptism. Seeing them partake of the sacrament and letting Christ lead them is a joy that is incomparable. We sang Komt, Heiligen komt to close which is come come ye saints in dutch and I was very sentimental for me. Thinking about the early saints and everything they went through. EVERYTHING they did to be saved from persecution. They were testaments of steadfastness. They knew without a doubt of the truth and were willing to die for it.

And if we die before our journey is through, happy day all is well.

That line will forever be written on my heart. We are to seal our testimony with all that we have. And we have an eternal perspective that stems from the truth. To me, there is no reason to fear with that.

I cannot describe how excited I am to see Holland but it is really painful to leave. Today I am saying goodbye to Gerald and Eric and members in the ward that I love soooooo much. It is definitely difficult but nothing is ever meant to be easy.

I love the emails from people getting mission calls and leaving out to the MTC. It is such an inspiration and delight to know I have friends throughout the world teaching the word of God to those who thirst for it most. I delight in being a member of the chosen generation. I see it in every missionary and friend I come in contact with.

It's a shame I am leaving the terror infested country of Belgium because I really wanted to convert some of those terrorists. They are only about 30 minutes away you know. Antwerpen is full of paratroopers and Belgium SWAT team which is basically equivalent to a standard US police officer. #europedoesitbest

Have a fantastic week and delight in the word of the Lord!

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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