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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

THE RED ZONE - September 3, 2014

This title appealing to the double meaning behind the glorious return of football season and my new life here at the MTC. Huge shoutout to the Cougars for taking out UConn 35-13 and Ole Miss for shuttin' down those Broncos as well. That's how it should be every week. Haha I say this lightheartedly but mean it nonetheless ;)


It's finally come around and in less than 2 weeks I will be in Holland doing His work. It is amazing. In two days we receive our travel plans and flight information along with our visas, passports, and ministerial certificates signed off my President Thomas S. Monson. Here we go. The Swedes left Monday morning and our Norweigan Tuesday morning for a temporary assignment in Gilbert, AZ and I would be lying if I said it went smoothly. It's hard spending every hour of everyday with people you just meet but love and value so high. They are in Stockholm now and I know they are doing great. We miss them a lot already.

Our zone leaders were part of the Swedish fleet so Sunday Elder Hirsch and I were extended the assignment of zone leaders over the entire Scandinavia zone. Remember my remarks about no more meeting for leadership positions? So do I. Karma is real my friends. Never forget to knock on wood. hahahaha but really I love it a lot we were assignedSunday and so we have been in for only 4 days. It's pretty neat being at the top of the food chain though just underneath the branch presidency because we really get to know everyone well. Here is the huge plot twist though. We just shipped out Swedes and Norweigans and the Suriname Dutchies leave Monday. TODAY we receive 36 new missionaries. In our zone alone. 36. That's like a perfect ACT score to put that into perspective haha. Right now with the Swedes gone our zone is 25. so even with the 10 were are over doubling our zone. THe chaos commences in about 3 hours. You prayers are appreciated haha. Elder Hirsch is a great leader and already keeps me grounded. I constantly forget the little things to do and always want to do the big ones so it's good he reminds me of that. Tonight we will have 37 sisters and 24 elders. 61 total. The sisters are rockstars. Seriously it never seizes to impress me how dedicated the are to the work and how many willingly use their option to serve for 18 months. 

The Dutch is coming great. Definately have much more studying to do but I'm beginning to understand. Yesterday we had an English fast from about 9:30 to 6. To be honest, it wasn't that difficult. It was slow and processed but we can carry on conversation easy. I was studying Preach my Gospel and there was a sentence like: we have the power and authority of God, and I kid you not I read it as Wij hebben de macht en gezag van God. Coolest thing ever. Just not too convenient haha there are 2 Dutch elders here from Rotterdam so they speak native and we understood everything. I think they go slower for us but I was really neat. I could hardly ever do that with Spanish and now I can with Dutch after 4 weeks. If you want to learn a language, come to the MTC haha

SO there are some good stories this week hahah we welcomed the new Danes last week with quite the get up as noted in the picture below haha Mom: that is Aldste Bradley going to Sweden that knows Aunt Tami and the Bostwicks in Banks. It was quite the class act might I add. Our teaching appointments were where the real juicy stories lie though haha we had an appointment with a onderzoeker named Max and she was inactive but had been baptized. We taught her our most spiritual lesson ever in 20 minutes about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her, miss her, and want more that anything for her to come home. She really took it to heart and everything went well. Until the ending prayer. hahha we felt the need to be bold and ask her to pray to open the appointment to understand how comfortable she was with being inactive and such. She declines so Elder Hirsch prayed and I planned to at the end. We asked if we could end with a prayer and she said of course and prepared to pray. I said I could and prayed to end the meeting. Turns out that our onderzoeker was preparing to pray at the end when we asked and I basically ripped the rug out from under her. Ahhhhh i felt so bad it was awful. So I learned the hard way this week that when you lose tune with the Spirit, even for a second, you lose keenness and understanding. 

We had another appointment and taught the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ to our other onderzoeker and the lesson was great. Elder Hirsch had prepared to teach repentance and I over baptism but I mixed the two up. So I taught the whole repentance lesson thinking I'm doing really well while poor Elder Hirsch sits there waiting when he can speak. Then I finish and realize I had baptism so I just keep talking HAHHA ohhh i felt so bad. Again not paying attention to things and order that I should be. To make it even better we left and I kid you not I lost my voice from talking too much hahahahah I am grateful I am learning things the hard way so I remeber not to do it again hahah

Oh also in a holly jolly class discussion this week I said Christmas instead of Christmas so a real fa la la to that. Jumped the gun by about 3 months there.

We had some real neat devotionals and lessons this week that touched me. I watched again Elder Christofferson's talk about the bush but in Dutch. I know that the language of the Spirit is understandable to all because I can feel it through something foreign to me. I love that talk because we are reminded to see the big picture. We are cut down and we misunderstand why but the Gardner who is Christ knows all. He knows through hard times we shall be made strong. Itis through Him as everything always is. The gratitude rings in my heart about the parable of the bush. "Thank you for cutting me down, Mr. Gardner. For loving me enough to hurt me." oh it is so great I even have it in Dutch. 

I hope school is going well for you all and a special shoutout to y'all across University Parkway living it up at the Y. I hope classes are going well and Provo is treating you as well as it is me. I invoke you to think about this promise that was made to me by a member of the Seventy last night: "You have the Son of God on your side, why have you fear? For I fear no man, I fear God, I fear no man." I encourage you to remember that in all your temptations. Remember that a prophet of the Lord prays for you. You can do anything if you believe on His name. I cannot wait to bring that to the people of Holland.

Three months ago I graduated high school. Today, I am the zone leader of the largest current zone in the largest Missionary Training Center in the world. How Great Thou Art, my Savior, for I am blessed of thee. Again I love this work. I love this Gospel. I love this land that we call home. I love my Savior. And remember, that I love of all of you.

Because Christ can stand alongside you, and Christ can stand alongside me, we need not ever feel apart.
Omdat Christus kan bij u staan, en Christus kan bij mij staan, kunnen we niet los voelen ooit. 

Met alle mijn liefde,
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

1) This is how we welcomed the Danes last Wednesday hahaha it was classy
2) Dear NCAA, wish to know how to make a seminal playoff system bracket?
3) Sister Thomas Hermana Cambron and I with the famous map.

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