This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


NOTE:  Trevans email came in dutch and so I used the google translator and this is the best we get.  Have fun deciphering it.  I sure wish I knew what ENL meant since it's in there a zillion times.  Hopefully the next comes in OUR native language:) The pictures help some.

Good day all of you!

I am here in Europe after ENL unnatural amount of jetlag subscribe to ENL French Keyboard in the Library in Ghent. GO here.

My First Job here is Belgium! So neat because "not everyone here is OM serve in Belgium and I am the first transfer! It is usefull Really GREAT, because "People here speak the hardest Dutch Dan Elsewhere in the mission, so this in Head jumps first, Hitting si Head on the bottom of the pool, dazing unconscious on the punter to drown Dan ENL Other Way makes it to the surface. THAT is Life at THIS moment My Friends.

One of many forms to fill out
Meeting his trainer/companion Elder Peterson
Opening his first area
The flight was good and did not feel too long, mare jetlag is a Different Story. We arrived at 8 am, dying was midnight Utah time and had to come together, to sign legitimacy, take ENL train to Leiden and for the legality, eat gross chic hotel EAT, and go to Rijswijk FOR legitimacy. Have we already met all 27 hours Went Without Sleeping in Strange ENL country signed legal documents in ENL language we die Really Speak Totally. HAHA We Slept for a hour before everything is Gone. We opened our Missions die Evening met ENL ENL and older sister es 11 Going to Belgium and I Did It! That I secretly hoped mare FOR guessed myself so I was so excited. nl It's a good size City WHERE I. Elder Morrell in Tilburg on the Border and Elder Hirsch Road to the North meets Tall People in Friesland.

In Antwerp
Met Antwerp, the city where I am, all is navigable door trams and buses SO I wont even Buying ENL bike this Assignment. Pretty cool and the trams are we going overall on chicken door City, and THEY are Fast. Proposals THAT the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, mare on ENL Underground tram. THAT is Europe. love it. here are super nice and our apartment Located on the 6th floor, 7th in America, we get SO ENL good view. And Fragrance. Hmmmm THAT is the Belgian Funk. Being forwarding list is empty in ENL blend of melted Chalk, Sewerage, and overripe fruit. Europe. Yes. But it's all bearable. In Antwerp we have Sister company, us, namely the zone leaders and ONE of them is Robbie Bosco's son! super cool and HE Keeps My BYU tie. President and Sister Robinson are AWESOME and are powerhouses met the Gospel. especially Sister Robinson. SHE WILL tell you hoe It's best to Accept and si haha.

Do they speak Flemish here. Yeah. Sounds ALS Dutch in ENL Scottish accent. Incredibly difficult, but I want. I Want A Flemish accent. Every Time I wrestle someone TALK, mare Elder Peterson Helps me soooo at the lowest prices. Oh yeah Elder Peterson is my trainer and HE is AWESOME! HE DOES FOR ME THAT is soooo much fun and he can actually cook anything, so we heel good food.
Trevan with Sister Bush (They were in the MTC together)  ANTWERP
Our researchers. Sooo Good. We Have ENL 16 Year Old Young man named Eric die had already learned all the latest transfer door and It's Just Waiting are Mother to come home visitors Ghana so that HE can-baptized met her THERE. Then hopefully THEY WILL THEY The Importance and to Toko Behind. HE has many hoop FOR. HE is AWESOME and we spent the zoom to the church on Sunday. Usually, SO HE Could Pleasure From My Dutch to Make When I spoke in sacrament meeting. BUT HE had ENL Good Time. We met ENL Other Girl named Ellen visitors France, THEY speak English so we steeds Learned Her wooden pen and ZE is a rockstar. She lives In Our apartment and was Catholic, mare has ENL Hard Time, wish there is Poverty in the World are re Still Huge monastery Churches spend all the money on maintenance. Were we to say than our Church and State Humanitarian Assistance in OM in ratio to hoe Men Can approach Him met lips, mare theri hearts of actions, are far from Him, and she enjoyed. We gave her the Very First lesson for the Door and Strong testified. She promised to read the Book of Mormon and ordered and we were able to commit to baptism. Hair We will see her Wednesday mare everything looks met hoe ZE received the restoration so expectations are high. Finally, our 3rd Grand investigators were last night and are name is Waldini. HE Comes visitors Brazil, so we spent zoom ENL Book of Mormon in Portuguese and learned HE Whole First lesson on are front gate thing. HE was So and So God wanted BAD open are Life, because "he felt he was on the bottom. we understood everything we learned and testifed van and said that was what he wanted. HE has committed to Reading Line in The Book of Mormon, and we are committed board to be baptized on October 26! I have not even been here ENL week and I see the miracles of everyday life. SO Within this transfer we have two baptisms have if everything goes perfect. We'll have to see. People are many more open here than I thought would ares. Maybe It's Just Belgium, but I love it.
To reduce in nanny Dan ENL week overall we Learned ALS-11 and the mission objective is 7 per week. It looks and even elder Peterson says THIS Big success. Hopefully everything goes well, BUT I Delete for a number of difficult times. I pray the language better WILL come mare in our English lessons It's been ok. We are Aproximat 50-50 met Dutch and English to reduce that is hard for me to become immersed mare it will come. I am actually surprised im not super frustrated met myself. probably because "the Lord is in control and not ME. Although we have had great spiritual experiences and I love it. I Die Every Morning in studies met my jetlag STILL steeds, BUT Should visitors Neighborhood Next week Do Go. This I hope all is well back home.
My apartment address is

Sneeuwbeslaan 29
2640 Wilrijk (Antwerpen)

It usually takes ENL week FOR email, BUT I hope to hear from you!

So met a lot of Love,
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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