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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Bucket List Additions

The biggest advantage in the Antwerpen zone is that you become a family. We are the only zone in Belgium and have recently been cut off even more from the Netherlands with limited international phone use. What's nice is that everyone down here is tight with each other and loves each other. It truly is a mission inside of the mission. 

This week we had a zone pday playing district on district ultimate frisbee with a volleyball and eating Belgian pannekoeken a wonderful member made for us. The Brussels district won, and we all got fat on sweet Belgian chocolate pancakes. That's what you get when you put 30 Americans together for a day off in Europe.

Then we had zone training Tuesday. This one was the one that we spent the least amount of time planning for and setting up. And I think it might have been the smoothest. Blessings. I wrote my 20min presentation the morning of about confidence and love and it went well. I hope I could share some mission wisdom with the young bucks. Then we had a masterpiece haha I learned this awesome song on the piano a few weeks back and one time, Elder Hill came in and started yelling motivational pick-me-ups while I played. It was glorious. So to cap off zone training I had him come up, and while I played he gave one of the most incredible motivational speeches I have ever heard. Actually, I never heard it. The acoustics from the piano were quite poor. But we had missionaries crying and super pumped and ready to attack the Belgians with the Gospel. Purpose served? I hope so. Never ever be afraid to use your talents to further others' progression in the Gospel.

We had to close the senior couple's apartment this last week after their transfer, and they have a piano in their apartment. So for a bit of studies I dinked around on it and discovered that I can actually play the song I used in zone training without looking. So I put a blindfold on and played most of it fine, the rest coming with practice. SOOooo the newest addition to my mission bucket list is to make it to a major train station with a piano, put a blindfold on and play the intense, beautiful song without sight and place a whiteboard nearby with something along the lines of 'if man can perform without earthly sight, imagine the view with eyes opened by Jesus' or something like that. We will see if it happens but it's an idea haha

Also, we ate a member's house this last week who travelled to Japan way back when and changed my view on Japanese bathhouses. Let's just say I really want to get to one. Hour body massage, 2 hour nap with mineral bath or something and being fed fruit the whole time and bunch of other things haha his story was so funny. Add it to the bucket list.

Teaching is going well right now, it's still progression that we are working on with people. Our strongest people now, Anita, Jean, Christel, and Alex and beginning to keep more commitments, except that of coming to church. That's the hardest stumbling block in Europe. Church here is like a shadow on life and people don't go anymore, so getting them to go to a new one is hard. We pray for it all the time though.

What I like about Europe is that you really have to strive to be friends with people to help them receive the Gospel. So what is neat is that people make slow progress at the start, but as you fellowship and learn about them and never back down from your purpose, they are interested in you, your message and the Spirit they feel. And you make a ton of friends with a ton of selfie taking. I'm probably all over the internet by now haha

The work keeps going so do we.

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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