This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 14, 2016 - Spreken is Zilver, Zwijgen is Goud

Ok here is the low down. This week I was bombarded with emails of people getting home from missions, getting married, going to school, living a life that I have forgotten how to live, and getting older and wiser in the process. So today, the short length of this email will tell more than any amount of words could say today. Speaking is silver and silence is gold. (email title)

Transfer week. Missionaries are now to travel alone between cities. Internationally. Missionaries that don't know Belgium with 3 bags and a bike. It was a nightmare, but things will get better with the system. Luckily no one was lost or taken. It's especially intense sending sister missionaries alone, but everything worked out. Eventually.

We had less lessons this week but they increased in quality. Quality over quantity is a huge underlying theme to missions in Europe. So I guess that makes it a good thing. We taught a cool girl named Christel and her sisters Linda and Belinda (yes those are their names). And they couldn't believe we were 20 and teaching them and they wanted us to tell us everything about God's plan. I like them a lot, haha, chill, fun people who investigate seriously. The best mix.

We met with an investigator yesterday whose basement flooded and she was really upset because she planned on going to the gym and washing her car but couldn't. But instead of complaining she switched it up and used the basement water to wash her car and lugging buckets of water up gave her 1.5 hours of fitness haha. She posted it on Facebook and became famous. I thought it was great.

This is a packed transfer with weekly conferences and trips to the Netherlands. Au revoir. But it should be good. Today the zone is coming to Antwerpen to play sports and eat pancakes then tomorrow we are having training here. All of which is on our shoulders but the best way to take potential stress and responsibility is with composure and confidence and so everything is working out fine.

Alright, that's it. Enjoy the picture of my master parallel parking job this week. You become real good in Europe you know.

Elder Reese

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