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Monday, April 6, 2015

What You Know Bout On Point

This week had the strongest Belgium flashbacks I have had yet.

This week we worked in Dordrecht and Sliedrecht, just south eastish of Rotterdam I think and worked with the missionaries there.  One of them is the one and only Elder Hirsch which was fantastic because I hadn't seen him since the MTC! And he is comps with Elder Van De Merwe who was my district leader in Antwerpen for 3. The zusters in Dordrecht are killer too so it was a lot of fun.

We had an unusual turn and actually met more investigators and less active members than active ones. A little different but sooooo cool. We were able to help a lot of people feel and recognize the Holy Ghost (such a blessing to be a part of) and build them up for their own answers from God as they pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph the Prophet.

MIRACLES. In Delft we had 2 exchanges this week with the district leaders and zone leaders and I stayed in Delft for both of them :) Elder Claflin and I got caught in a hurricane hahahah as we biked across town to a member’s home and the hail and rain almost broke skin so we and about 15 others sheltered under a bridge pass to escape the wrath of Poseidon. BUT the real story is with Jones. We had a great lesson with him Tuesday all about the Restoration and how applicable it is to us and how it is our responsibility to accept it! As we spoke the Spirit was really strong and he understood that he has to take steps of faith. We set a baptismal date for May 2 and he is ready to work towards it and expressed his strong desire to be baptized!

Wednesday I was with Elder Bernier in Delft (we have been on so many exchanges since I got here haha) and we taught Micha in his home. He still is looking for God but we have been mainly helping him with smoking and he loves the missionaries as well. We taught about how He is there to help us and waits for us to find Him. I bore my testimony of how I received my answer about the church through Joseph Smith, then we watched the Hope of God's Light video online on how that man found it through a simple prayer, then we read the story of Aaron and King Lamoni. We were able to use all 3 of these accounts of coming to know the truth to show Micha that it is different for everyone and will take time BUT we must be diligent and faithful so when that time comes we are ready. Incredibly spiritual lesson and we have a pizza party with him Wednesday after temple conference :)

WE GO TO THE TEMPLE WEDNESDAY. I am so pumped and to see keukenhof on a Sunny 67 degree April day!

General Conference. I cannot express my love for General Conference and the spiritual thanksgiving I receive when I watch it. It is particularly special on a mission to use the things you learn for yourself then translate it over to your investigators :) The 1st session flew by and we watched it with Josh who is pasgedoopt. I loved Uchtdorfs like Always and found Christoffersons fantastic. I really loved sister burton's about fatherhood and think it’s a power hearing that from a woman as well. It seems like marriage and family were hit hard as well. My favorite was of course Elder Holland #basic and there was not a dry eye in the chapel when he spoke. He also has a pretty killer surname as well.

 Yesterday the sessions begun in the Den Haag building (I was so pumped to simply be in our home building yesterday for once) at 11 for priesthood, 2, and 6 (that one is live and is the Sunday morning back in Utah) I sat with President and Zuster Robinson as well which was great and my buddy Elder Elkins who leaves this summer as well. Seriously I always make great friends with those exactly 1 year older than me. Then they leave. It’s like junior year all over again ha-ha

Let the messages and Spirit of conference and Easter carry you this next week, for HE IS RISEN. Easter commemorates the most important occurrence in global history.

I have also realized that my English grammar is becoming garbage....

English words with Dutch grammar. oops

After the 2:00 session we stayed around waiting for the others to come back with food and a man walked in by the name of Johan. He wore his Sunday best and was a nonmember so I talked with him and explained conference. We talked about Christ and Easter and I taught him of the book of Mormon and the nature of God, families and prophets before music and the spoken word began which we loved. Actually during the whole session of conference (with Christofferson and Holland and those guys) he would say amen, pray, and even cry. When we talked before he told me how he could never change books from the bible to the book of Mormon and how Adam wasn’t a prophet to him.

After the conference session he actually asked if he could learn more about the book of Mormon and we had more time to talk so Elder Elkins and I went downstairs and taught him the whole message of the restoration. Halfway through he asked if he could be baptized haha which was awesome and he became so much more open after hearing the words of prophets and about the book of Mormon. It was awesome to see someone see that light through conference. He is a really cool guy and the Elkins will be teaching him in Den Haag

Also what the heck is going on with people opposing the sustaining of Church leaders? What’s up with that? Are things really that crazy in the States?

Next month we are performing our program in zone conferences and I believe they are filming it so hopefully soon you can see the program too.

We perform in Rotterdam Saturday ..... I forgot until just now

Love Elder Trevan Scott Reese

Picture: Easter morning in picturesque Delft. Directly following this candid we flew to the train station to discover all trains were cancelled, ran to a departing bus, met the zone leaders in the middle of nowhere at a bus stop and drove to conference to make it there at 11:00 prime when it begun here. #success

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