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Monday, April 13, 2015

Gettin' High

The title of this email is not to be misinterpreted as most colloquial minds would understand. Although I sit amidst a chalk ridden atmosphere of weed and nicotine, worldy highs cannot compare to that which the Spirit of Lord can give. Thus I write the following:


Quick Law and Order Flashback for yáll.

Wow was this week insane. It felt long but not in a bad way. I really truly believe that the high I got off of conference carried me this week. We had a cool dinner appointment Monday with a member Elder Conatti knew from Brazil that is inactive and it was out in a town called Lisse when I saw my first legit tulip field. Just like in the best 2 years the sun glistened across the canal lined street as we drove by the red pink purple and orange fields. Holy beautiful.

Tuesday we worked a ton in Delft and unfortunately not many were able to set up appointments but we worked super hard for hours on hours and got good work done.
WEDNESDAY WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE. I can firmly and undeniably testify that the temple is a place of refuge and security from the things that haunt the world today. Walking through the doors you become safe and nothing compares. I absolutely love the temple services in Dutch and I can’t believe I will have a limited number of them. SO FANTASTIC. Afterward we ate lunch and went to KEUKENHOF. Picture perfect April day. Sunny skies and 67 degrees to walk through one of the most famous gardens in the world. I have a plethora of pictures that I will try to get out. I spent the day with Elder Cook too from the MTC which was a BLAST. Elder Elkins, Elder Clafin, and I all wore our matching ties too haha.  People in the garden would stop us and ask who we all were and why we were so netjes (classy).  Cool opportunities there and people were happy.

This week we were preparing for our concert that happened Saturday night. Thursday night we ended up getting a new song for the performance and I couldn’t believe it. It is legit a motab arrangement of come thou fount aka NOT EASY and I had to learn it in 2 days. I wanted to die haha but it wasn’t funny at the time. By sheer miracle (like Always with this project) something happened and during the performance I just reduced the amount of notes played and it was pulled off hahahaha. Right before the concert too we practiced and it was garbage. The Lord is there, it is unbelievable. So often and so strongly yet I always stand so amazed.

So the performance went great :) President was there again and was very praiseworthy so that’s cool and almost 200 people were there! Guys that’s nuts for Europe to get that many people to a church activity. On numerous accounts, it sounds like many investigators have set strong baptismal dates, claimed to have felt the Spirit for the first time, or have committed to investigating the Gospel following our project. Several inactives are undergoing the reactivation process right now as well. I say this as if it is casual and not of utmost importance but it is so unbelievably surreal that I can’t describe it. This is divine inspiration to hasten the work in the nethermost part of the world :)

Yesterday we performed in Amsterdam sacrament meeting and it is super international ward so I spoke Dutch a little English and a little pitiful Spanish hahaha but all went well and I saw Elder Bosco which is always a highlight :) should be another killer week this week in Amsterdam and with investigators in Delft! Micha and Bart are doing great right now and we are just picking up a little slack from Jones and Laura but all is still well :)

Through the Lord and His strength I have overcome countless obstacles and trials this week. Allow Him to take you to new Heights and He will be there next do you in your downs. I saw a picture of Christ when He walked with the men to Emmaus and it is stunning. He walks beside, helps and guides, so that we never have to be alone. HE IS RISEN.

Also, I just received my Belgian driver’s license and have driving all over Rotterdam and Dordrecht and Delft this last week :) Europe is nuts to drive in hahaha but it’s really fun. Everything is metrics but I’m used to it now and so it’s not bad. Just the fact that I am driving in Europe is crazy :)
Met mien life end verged die van zendingswerk komt,

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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