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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 2, 2015

NOTE: I forgot to post March 2nd post before March 9th.  March 9th post is below March 2nd.  I can't figure out how to switch them.

First off MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to the Cougs for TAKING IT TO THEM BULLDOGS IN SPOKANE. THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE. What a win. What a way to head into March. Made my day today. All hope for BYU sports is not lost!

The last few weeks I have said how they were good weeks. Well I lied because THIS WEEK was a good week. Last Monday to start off we decided to look up a young couple who were Christian, prayed right outside the door to be let in AND WE WERE LET IN. Faith people. Faith. We went in and got to know them a little better then, Marieke, the wife, asked us what the difference was between our church and other Christian churches. Oh boy we ate that up. We taught the entire Restoration and it kind of turned into a question and answer session about prophets and the Bible but we taught about the necessity of prophets and importance of the family which she loved because she is pregnant. So basically we got 2 1/2 new investigators on Monday to start the week and they are coming to our fireside in Zoetermeer. #what
Me and Bosco

We had a fantastic Zone Conference Tuesday and I saw a ton of people I love there because Den Haag and Amsterdam Zones combined. President and Zuster Robinson gave awesome presentations then surprised us with an awesome treat. WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS. You don’t understand how big that is. To watch a movie, a good one, an inspiring one, with some of your best friends. I loved it so much I think it is so fantastic what they did there. And I met Dawn in the airport on the way here! She has such an awesome story. They are getting Dutch subtitling soon for distribution here.

I spent the day in Zoetermeer on exchanges Tuesday and we ended up biking to an appointment from the apartment, through old Zoetermeer centrum, right by the temple, along the canal, right by the church, to a members house for a joint teach and then to our appointment. This place is so gorgeous it was a dream riding along that sunny morning.

Wednesday we got a few hours to do look ups which was golden time because we never have time to do that kind of thing. We planned out a precise route to get all these people knocked out and back for the night to eat dinner. We started along and found a bunch of the people home and got good info on them and what we could do to help them. We were finding along the way as well and we stopped one girl with her mom and explained who we were and the Book of Mormon she was so excited and said she would love to read it and for us to come by Wednesday between 6-8. WHAT. That was absolutely nuts haha so cool. She loved that we were Christians sharing the word of God that came through the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Wednesday should be good. Also that night we asked for directions somewhere and met David, a guy about 25 who is atheist but asked who we were so we explained and had a 20 minute conversation about faith, He shared some personal experiences with us that he had never shared with others before and took a Book of Mormon to read and we will stop by again this week. SUPER COOL. The Lord gives us miracles when we work and put in the time to see them.
Morrell, Steenblik, and I

We met with the members in Leiden this week and everything there was good. Friday night we had a taste teaser fireside for the Leiden ward and that went well for the 3 songs we did. We got to go to church in our own ward in Den Haag yesterday which was great and it is the last time we will go there. The elders are going inactive. Hahahah we head to Rotterdam starting Sunday and our concert in Zoetermeer is this Saturday.... ahh

I read SOOOOO much in the Book of Mormon this week haha half of Alma because it is so coooool. The Book of Mormon has such awesome stories and I love it all about Alma, Amulek, and the Sons of Mosiah. Awesome missionaries. I love the converted Lamanites that would rather die than sin and gave their lives into the hands of the wicked Lamanites so they would not have to shed blood and sin. Then the wicked Lamanites had softened hearts and eventually became converted to the Lord through this. More people were converted unto the Lord through the righteous Lamanites giving their lives than the number that perished. And the martyrs went to live with their God in glory for their faith. THE LORD KNOWS HOW IS WORK IS TO BE DONE. He brought more souls unto Him through His servants and through death even. But death is not the end. Then why have we fear?

We got a big week this week. Lots of practice.


Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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