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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GAMEDAY - March 9, 2015

I have had quite a number of crazy stressful weekends in my life and this last one just added to the stack. I don’t even know where to begin.

Saturday we had our first performance ever in Dutch. But first off, we had a member in Alkmaar translating the English script to Dutch and then Friday morning she texted saying she felt a prompting to start the translating process all over again. Soooo she started over and got the finished script to us Friday evening with our performance the next day. We ran through it and it took about 4 hours the first time through. But we practiced til late and Saturday all day as well to be ready for that night.

Brother Lister's son with our Singing Missionaries
Just to explain it a little better, it is about 90 minute performance and I kid you not the piano is played the whole entire time except for the song that I jump down and sing with them. So from the moment the first note is played for 90 minutes I am jumping back and forth between pages and changing keys, tempos and everything for all 12 songs we have and each of the stories.

So Saturday night we performed after so many prayers that I had to be able to perform well and give the Spirit to people who hadn't really felt it before. It was such a weird combo of nerves and comfort I can’t really describe it. Then we just did it and performed and everything worked out great. It was so hard to focus and concentrate like that for 90 minutes.  I feel like I was taking the ACT again haha. It was incredibly spiritual though and it sounds like almost everyone in the audience at one point was crying. (I can’t see anything from the piano and can’t afford to cry because then I can’t read and I ruin everything haha) Afterward we had all the missionaries with us from the areas and we all stayed in the chapel to talk with the members and their families and friends about what they had felt and we were able to receive quite a few referrals. And that is our goal. To receive referrals and give the Spirit to people and give members a way to do missionary work. Super cool. We have heard stories of the stake president’s friend coming and crying the entire time, investigators dropping a baptismal date then receiving a priesthood blessing and picking it back up, and my personal favorite, our story of Zuster Groen.   We had 169 people come to our fireside Saturday and for Holland that is unbelievable. Bishops and counselor to President Robinson were speechless :) English we had about 167 too so it was incredible. Hopefully word of mouth spreads too.

About a month ago we had dinner with Zuster Groen and her nonmember family and she came to the performance Saturday! It was awesome to see her again and after the performance she was crying for days. She is completely inactive and hasn’t been to church since she was 18 but a member. Zuster Jansen who works in the temple, knew her, came over and testified to Zr Groen like a flamethrower hahah.  Zr Groen lost her father a while back who was actually a regional representative of the church and our portion about death in our program hit her so hard as we taught the plan of salvation. Zr Jansen killed it testifying and they both had a great rest of the night. We will have dinner again with Zr Groen this Wednesday with her family which is sick.

Sunday we did the same performance but in English for the American ward and there were just as many people there as the Dutch one! a lot of people came back to see it again which was cool and so many people here speak English it was easy for them. President and Zuster Robinson were there last night with all the missionaries again and it went really well again. I was crazy nervous again because the Dutch and English scripts were different in length so the pages with the music next to it were all different and realigned so I had to flip pages while playing and hit certain things at certain parts haha it is crazy stressful
Sunset in Leiden

It was really successful and President loved it with all the potential behind. We haven’t heard a negative comment or anything from it. We had a primary girl sings child’s prayer with us and her anti grandparents came just to see her sing and they had a good time. Super cool.

Yesterday morning we actually performed in Rotterdam too to start next month’s trip so that is already kicking too.

It was a neat experience and I am so glad that I was able to do it and strengthen my testimony of the Lord's Hand in this work. Seriously I could not learn the piano songs or transitions or anything without the Spirit. I took a second this week to just imagine what life would be like without the Spirit. I literally shuddered at the thought of not having my Constant Companion Always alongside me. Always there to turn to in times of need and stress. I am so grateful for the chance I have to give that to others too.

It was a good weekend but to be honest I am just glad that it is over haha now we can focus on our areas so we can work in Delft more and do actual missionary work again.

It was really neat to run into Waldo this last week at a dinner appointment. Really crazy small world haha he even knew that Uncle Jason had his finger cut off hahahaha

Well this next week won’t be so boring because we won’t have to practice haha

Love you all thank you for all your prayers they mean sooo much

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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