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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

That´s What I Love about Sunday - June 13, 2016

I´m losing more and more motivation with emails, I´m sorry. 

This week was another good one and he weather cooperated pretty nicely here. Remind me to tell you stories about the Curacoan mafia and Sonja´s morphine later. 

I´m going to keep this one short and sweet and simply tell you about the miracles we had yesterday. We had another handful of investigators in church which is such an incredible miracle in itself. Sonja came to Den Helder for the first time and I have never heard a Relief Society laugh more in one hour than yesterday morning. Who knows what went down but she brought life to those women yesterday haha. An older sister was a killer missionary yesterday and took Sonja on a quick church tour. (I mean like 3 minutes quick because the church is only 5 rooms, a kitchen, and a hallway). When they got to the baptismal font, Sonja asked if that was indeed what it was, the sister said yes, and Sonja made an attempt to climb over the glass wall and in hahahah. It was a joke but she is really excited to be baptized but tries to be sheepish about it. WE had the former temple president and his wife come speak in sacrament and gave the most CASH MONEY talks on faith and the wonder of the Book of Mormon. Sooo good. Sonja loves the whole branch and the whole branch loves Sonja. After church we were starving and exhausted (church is exhausting as a missionary) but were so blessed by the miracles we saw yesterday. A reactivated member also got a calling yesterday as well, and every reactivated member is gold, but in a branch it is the world to them.

AND turns out that Sonja is coming to the Mormon Tabernacle concert in July when I will be there so I could see her one final time before leaving. And she is bringing her nonmember friend. Already a missionary. The doctor told her this week to cut down on coffie and to stop smoking. She simply told him, Doctor I´m already there, I´m a Mormon. Classic.

I promise to take pictures with her this week and send them home haha.

Until next week!

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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