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Monday, April 25, 2016

Au Revoir, Belgique - April 25, 2016

Au Revoir, Belgique.
This could be the final call I ever get to you about transfers. It's weird to think that this could be my last stop too. Yes, I'm leaving Antwerpen, as much as it reshatters my heart, I gotta say goodbye to the city of gold and miracles. I've also gotta say goodbye to my favorite country outside of home, and all the memories, love, friendships, and happiness that I have had here. I will always have Belgian pride. I'm headed back to the Netherlands to finish off it seems. Which is really chill, I'm being honest, because there is so much to offer up there. Tomorrow I catch a train to Den Helder in North Holland, at the very, very top of the west.

When President called and released me as a zone leader, he said he had a fat assignment for me. Haha and all I said was: President, hit me with your best shot. The only 2 words I got back were Den Helder. Hahaha I had to confirm twice that he wasn't joking, and I'm indeed headed up to Den Helder. My whole mission all I've known of Den Helder is that is has been open, closed, open closed, and is really the armpit of the mission. Haha so my initial reaction was: great, I'm the victim headed there. BUT I'm honestly pretty excited for it. Give me the armpit. Heck give me a sweaty, hairy armpit. My mission has taught me that everything in life is exactly how you take it. Good, bad, sweaty, or hairy. I would tell you if I wasn't looking of forward to it, and I am. Definitely not my first choice or second or even tenth, but it should be good. I get a chill young companion too so I'm excited to have fun and work hard.

IN OTHER NEWS. We went to Gent and Amsterdam this past week. You see, that's the beauty of Europe, especially on a mission. Get in the car or the train, take an hour or 2 and BOOM Amsterdam or BOOM Brussels or even BOOM Paris. Just kidding haven't been there. But we had some awesome weather and chill days this week in Gent and Amsterdam. Den Helder is in the Amsterdam district too so I will be all over Amsterdam for these few 3 months. King's Day is Wednesday too, the crazy orange holiday where everyone takes to the streets. Basically Carnival for Holland. And we will all be in Amsterdam. It even made it on snapchat last year. So what I'm really trying to say is, keep your eyes peeled for a black tag and Book of Mormon on snapchat my friends.

I was super sick on Thursday and thought I was going to explode from a head cold, but I just went to bed early and healed enough to survive the next day. The Lord blesses the weak. Fun fact, if you truly cared about my wellbeing. If not, why are you reading this?

I'm determined to take my French learning endeavors to the wastes of North Holland with me. I learned a bit from Nadia last night and from members and reading juice bottles, so I'm getting there. C'est pourquoi. Pretty sure that means And it came to pass. Don't ask me how I know that one.

I've got a lot of blessings to count though. North Holland in Mei and June. I will probably labor in a few tulip fields for service. No big. Hartstikke Nederland’s.

There will be adventures to come, I know.

As long as you let them happen.

Voor het laatste en wel pijnlijke keer uit geliefde Vlaanderen,
Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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