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Monday, February 29, 2016

When Past Meets Future – February 29, 2016

Last week I didn't give any stories so I will dedicate this email to a few:

This last week we had exchanges with the Assistants in Amsterdam where it starting SNOWING. But just like any Dutch weather pattern it lasts a few minutes then scoots along. I got to work with Hirsch and we taught a guy that spoke no English or Dutch. So we had to pull at strings to communicate. Talk about MTC flashback. Then he left to buy us soda and water and milk and juice because his smartphone translated or into and HAHAHA so when he read what Hirsch wrote he grabbed his coat and left... So we were alone for 10 minutes in his house with cigarette smoke and Arabic TV but didn't want to make him buy us that stuff. And earlier that day Hirsch got 5 euro stuffed into his pocket for giving away a Book of Mormon (another story, another time haha) and so we decided to make a Mormon message come to life and put the 5 euro in the investigator's shoe. So there we are in his house alone, breathing intense amounts of nicotine, 5 euro in the man's shoe, John Kerry on Arabic television and he walks in with assorted beverages speaking a language we don't understand. It would only happen to us. Loved every second haha

Glorious moment #2:
Yesterday morning we arrived at church, nothing out of the ordinary, I casually waltz into the chapel and see 4 Dutch faces turnaround from their seats, point to me and laugh. Suddenly I was thrown into a world of laughs and warmth from Vlissingen last summer and ran over to bear hug Familie Van Eijzeren. !!!!! They came to visit since they are the Stake YM and YW presidents and also just to make my week. So after bear hugging and reverently attending sacrament meeting we got to chat and laugh and love one another again. Bjorn is getting his mission papers sent in soon and the branch in Vlissingen is getting a new building. After we calmed down and laughed more and probably made all the other ward members wonder what the heck was going on, we took this gem of a picture below. They are simply the greatest. And I was only with them for 6 weeks.

#3: We went to district meeting in Leuven this last week and got to go sing to an old folk’s home afterward with the senior couple Caldwell’s. Turns out that Sister Caldwell plays the ukulele, has one, and it is super nice. Then I made the mistake of saying that I play the uke and got myself into the hole of playing and singing 4 Disney songs for the old Belgian generations. Classic. And it happened. So my ukulele career travelling Europe and singing has taken off. My signature is being sold for $20 a pop. You're welcome.

We are working hard through things, I got my bag back from Eindhoven after going to Amsterdam then having the Den Bosch elders meet us in Breda and yeah.... loong story but I have it so life is good. I saw Cook for a second at the mission office in Leiden too which was niiice.

Well I won't make it long this week.

Elder Reese

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