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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Never Underestimate a Zip Line - November 2

This week´s title inspired by another classic occasion on what seemed to be an ordinary missionary day, but that which actually becomes something that lures around you for the days to come. 

Friday. We had taken our casual 2 hour trek up to Groningen to work with the Zusters and visit the Romigs for the day, helping out for the Halloween party and observing things the zusters might have needed help with. Had a glorious lunch at KFC (the ONLY place in the Netherlands with free refills, quick shout out) and taught a wonderfully pure and senile man named Peter about the Restoration and addiction recovery. Following, we biked past a zip line, decided to stop for 5 minutes with the zusters and try it out. (FYI there are no hills here so a zip line is much less impressive than you would expect). The first time went great. The second time, with perhaps too much confidence, my foot slipped off the wet platform and I am soon flying down the line. I wasn’t high enough on the rope so I came flying into the muddy ground, momentum still increasing and I am being dragged on my back in the grass HAHA until I give up, let go, and lay there looking into the cloudy skies hearing only the tickle me Elmo laugh of my wonderful companion and the sisters. So now I have a filthy bag, I still have to wash my coat, a degraded sense of dignity and a memory to share with you all. Moral of the story: Beware of pride, boy.

In other news, Jose is KILLING it right now with her progression towards the 21st. We taught the Word of Wisdom, Prophets, prayer, scripture study, church attendance, and the 10 commandments this week. And she takes it like a champ. She is planning on getting tasty substitutes for tea at work this week and to stop with the coffee ASAP. I can tell that she doesn´t fully understand the whys or why nots to the commandments we teach, but she has the light of testimony in her eyes that says ´´it doesn´t matter, that´s just how it is´´ MONEY. She and Familie Van Vriesland that we teach with are first class missionary dreams.

I was also able to teach a killer first lesson with a new missionary this week and his reaction and pure joy over this new investigator was a highlight of my week. 

Every week is an adventure and we end up all over the country in a span of 7 days. This week we plan on heading to the temple in Zoetermeer so Elder Abankie can go again before he heads home to Suriname. Lucky for me, I get to be the dead weight companion that goes along (Hookah)

The members in Apeldoorn are still fantastic like before. We eat with Oma and Opal Klosterboer every week and the members constantly want us over to visit on Sundays. Love them. 

This week has its fate in store. But for everything ridiculous there is always a miracle attached. An equal and opposite reaction. #ThankyouIsaacNewton

Love you all wherever you are in the 50

Eder Trevan Scott Reese

A super awesome member, Amaro, has this mural painted of a scripture found in the ominous book of Omni. Its pretty chill.

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