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Monday, October 26, 2015

Stand Firm in a World of Change -- October 5, 2015

Every day on a mission you make a plan. Whether it is for the next hour, or the next lesson, or the next day or next week, missionaries are always planning. Your plans take you to your goals and you goals led you to accomplishing our vision. So what happens when your plans take a vicious turn? Where does that lead you to? Well, here is another week of such experiences that were 110% unplanned and 110% worth it.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day and so we took bikes to save kilometers on the car. We mapped out our day to visit a few members to remind them about conference set ups and visit investigators and referrals. Highlight of the day came as we left a members home. I was eating an ice cream bar that the member gave us (along with a bag of groceries that we didn’t even need), trying to talk on the phone to missionaries one area over about a rescheduled appointment in my planner, and also trying to start biking away and merging into the bike traffic when our progressing investigator pops into view so we swerve to go stop her and I can’t stop the bike and almost drop the ice cream and start yelling Flemish impulsory words that don’t even fit the context of the situation and simply confuse all in person and on the other end of the phone. Classy. Not planned. Not safe. Not a problem.

We had transfers Wednesday which by a sheer miracle went smoothly in Utrecht for the most part. We were in the massive, crowded, under construction station all day when we found a public piano. I started playing a song with a beat when another elder took his pen and made a drum beat on top. People were stopping to listen and we starting singing and rapping (only a bit) and gave away a few cards ha-ha. Not planned. Not exactly legal in the station. Not a problem.

Thursday we ended up getting sucked into members’ homes and they enjoy talking about American politics so much.... fantastic. After dodging political questions at every move we ended up leaving with a member referral and a pretty good idea of European social healthcare. Also learned a new Dutch game called sjulen which is basically small scale shuffleboard but of course it is different and 100% Dutch because apparently the Dutch started EVERYTHING. The national pride here is unreal.

Hahaha Friday we planned A LOT for the new zone vision which isn’t fun whatsoever but taught a crazy investigator that let us in a week back and he loved the restoration movie. He wants the longer one to watch now too so looks like we will have movie night this week sometime ha-ha crazy man. That day oma peters in our ward turned 87 and so we visited at night while she had other members over and they told stories about the Indonesian concentration camps and how life was fleeing into Rotterdam which was bombarded at the time of the Second World War. It is SO interesting. So incredible to hear about it all, and oma peters for asks the most abstract and exaggerated questions about the process such as, had it always been that way? ...... Yeah Oma, people just flee Indonesia as a weekly hobby. Hilarious. 

And this weekend, conference topped everything off and is always perfect for what you need to hear. I can’t help but get teared up as I listen to it. I am so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Elder Holland stole my heart again making every missionary in the world 693669x trunky for their mom. I still have to watch the last session since it was so late here.

There is a family here called the Kloosterboers who are an old couple that remind me exactly of Grandma and Grandpa Reese ha-ha so as we go there every week I feel that same love and we laugh about the same things but in a different language and land that I would back in Highland. I love them so much. Bro Kloosterboer has a currency collection and has documents from the 1600s which are SOOO cool. We went through money and orders that have legitimate German Nazi stamps on them when they took over Holland. It is fascinating. 

I hope this week is smooth for everyone, but remember to take the bumps as momentum into the next stretch.

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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