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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seaing the World - July 27, 2015

Program of their Singing Project
Despite the fact that I love this area with all my heart and that we have an entire province to ourselves, being barracked with sea spray and hurricane winds on a daily basis was not a foreseen factor for this previous week. It seems as if we have been transferred to the Shamu Splash Zone of the mission where a 3 minute bike ride puts you in the exact circumstance of jumping into a pool would. The fair is also in Vlissingen right now, but you know the Dutch. Nothing can rain on their parade.

Another week another reel of ´´how does this even happen?´´s come to be. 

Helmets are a must now!
Where to begin. 

We had a free day Wednesday with only one appointment that evening so we strapped up our boots and headed out to a tin town in Zeeland called Krabbendijke to spread the word. Personally I love dorp finding because you feel like missionary trail blazers in the middle of nowhere. Super fun. 

We had a killer lesson with one of our miracles from the other week and our branch president was with us. Super neat and the Spirit was strong. 
Not just in Idaho

Looking back at it now, this week was incredible normal. Wow go figure.

Well then I won´t go too much longer. 

We were travelling quite a lot this week around Southern Holland for meetings. Had a massive storm Saturday and it took 5 different trains and layovers to get home from Eindhoven haha. Thank you Mother Nature. Den Haag and Amsterdam were shut down for a while too while trees fell amidst the tracks. Exciting.

So yeah.

Raw, Slimy, What.......
People are doing well. We were able to set up 2 baptismal dates this week and will be working hard with those :) 

I guess one highlight was that we took a picture in front of a DoTSwift graffiti sign with our new mandatory bike helmets (....) after which my camera took a toppling roll off the bike, hit the rim and has now bit the dust. So we are going new camera shopping today. But we got the picture. Nice.
Here it goes?

Have a great week in the July heat!

We are wearing jackets to stay dry but it feels like a sauna everywhere haha 

Love the unexpected. It drives you crazy and makes you stronger.

Shout out to my brother who won employee of the year at Nike too.

When I get back I’m gonna match it ;)

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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