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Monday, July 6, 2015


First off, no greater shout out or mention can be made at this time than to that of the Women's USA National Soccer Team for not only defeating but LEVELING the Japanese in the finals yesterday. What a wonderful weekend for our country. I hear about the out-of-this-world hat trick from Carli Lloyd 16' in and the midfield goal that leaves one saying ''there is no way there is NOW WAY'' as the ball soars a one way ticket to the back of the net. American soccer is on the rise and has made mention that it is here. Makes me so happy. :) :)

Also huge news came in last night in the form of transfer calls! Only my 2nd transfer ever and quite a large one at that. The Lord has called me to serve in the city of VLISSINGEN! I am whitewashing in (again ha-ha) with a new greenie so I am training! And while we are at it I am also the district leader!! Hahaha! Talk about a shift in workload! I am really excited though. Trust me, I would tell you if I wasn't. Honestly I am most excited to get back to having a home base and ward, even though the last 6 months have been some of the most miraculous of my life. Change is good. I'm glad that after 19 years I am starting to believe that ha-ha

Vlissingen has the only missionaries in the whole province of Zeeland. So we got our own province now ha-ha in one of the most beautiful areas of the country! History fact, New Zealand was actually named and discovered by Old Dutch explorers who named it after the Original Zeeland here in Holland! Who knows how similar they are but it is huge water bodies and beaches and green land on the deltas and river mouths. I can't wait. But there is one train in and one train out so travel will be fun ha-ha especially with all of our stuff on Wednesday :) but Elder Morrell, Elder Hirsch, and Zuster Robbins are all training too so we will see one another at the airport Wednesday where I hope we can say goodbye to leaving elders as well. Morrell, Hirsch, and I are the 3 district leaders in the Eindhoven zone all training as well so that’s fun :)

Beach volleyball last week was SO COOL. We watched 5 games with a few members and hopefully I can get pictures soon because they were taken on a members Phone. The US destroyed Switzerland but I don’t know who won the finals last night. It was a beautiful day as well which is rare in this dang country ha-ha

I haven’t met President Bunnell this week but I will for sure on Saturday in Groningen for our last concert. I have heard they are fantastic and I believe it 100%.

We also found a great number of new investigators this week, one named Femi who had an accident with a train and had a bad hip injury where he couldn’t walk for a long time. Turns out it was a very similar injury to mine from running sophomore year and he told us that a missionary had talked to him a couple weeks ago and then us again this week. He said that he hadn’t ever had one stop him then 2 in one month meant that God needed him to hear something. Then combined with my personal and parallel experience with my hip, I was able to testify that the Spirit led us to him and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! Really cool story this week.

Saturday night we had a great barbecue for the 4th and the family we ate with was fantastic with kids everywhere ha-ha.

We also went on a quick run that morning with an American flag and we had a grand ole time with that grand ole flag.

Love you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

"God Bless America"

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