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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Faith is Like Wi-Fi (part 2)

June 8, 2015

This week title is recycled due to my own ignorance and not even explaining it after titling it for last week's email.

I apologize.

When we were in Turnhout Branch 2 weeks ago in Belgium (#blessedland) the branch president’s wife gave a talk on faith to follow. She told us how faith can be compared to Wi-Fi, you can't ever see it but it connects you to everything you need. I thought it was pretty cool. But hopefully you don't lose signal.


Sorry that last week was such a bummer email. My condolences and apologies but these last 2 weeks have been frazzly.

Our work in Delft has slowed down a little bit but that isn't even a bad thing. We have been able to go and find a lot and have taught a couple new people and set up return appointments so #newinvestigators added to the stack. Our soul harvest is looking lively.

This week we have been busy at a member’s home recording an album of 6 songs for our project so unfortunately that ate up way too much time in the week but I got all my parts done so Elder Shaw and I can go out and do something while the others do theirs.

Oh yes I forgot. We had 2 performances this last week, the surprise one in Zoetermeer.. And the one Saturday in ANTWERPEN. The one in Zoetermeer was also recorded and I have a DVD so I can send it home for you all to watch :) but it is in Dutch hahahaha sorry but that's the language of the land here. The language of the spirit is universal though

The concert in Antwerpen was just as you would expect being in Antwerpen. Out of this world. It was like 900 degrees in that tiny chapel but 200 something people still came from all over Vlaanderen and people really enjoyed it and enough tears were shed to resolve the California drought.

Hence it went well.

One particular story was of a member in the Turnhout Branch who has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer at the age of 40 or so. She has 2 children who are teenagers and her husband, all strong members and all amazing people. We stopped by for our appt. about the project and as I said the opening prayer I was prompted to pray specifically for her children and their spiritual well-being. As it closed Zr Van De Waard was already crying and the spirit was so strong. That day was this last Friday which was about 30 degrees or like 90 in Fahrenheit with humidity that would drown even a fish. As evening came and we met with the family and a massive summer thunderstorm came in and pounded Belgium, but as we began to sing Where Can I Turn for Peace the storm calmed and they could hear us. We then sang another number for her that is on the album about crossing the divide in life and she was touched so much. I can’t describe the experience let alone across email. As we left and drove away the storm picked back up and rattled the town but for those 15 minutes where we sang and testified, I have no doubt the Lord calmed the elements to allow for this woman to be healed through His Atonement and love.

Yesterday we got to go to church in Den Haag aka HOME for the 5th time ever in my 4 transfers here... Kim and her daughter Angel came (she is the member trying to stop smoking and her husband wants to be baptized) and they had a great time. Angel is 3 and can be a devil with her behavior haha but it went well, she loved nursery and the members in Den Haag were so solid in helping out, as Always in this wonderful place. The testimony meeting was fantastic and they have to tell members to try and cycle through the members because everyone wants to bear testimony every month and there is never enough time haha

I hope you all had a wonderful memorial day last weekend and that you took the time to reflect on the ones who gave their all so we may have what we do. NEVER forget that. Take pride and passion in your homeland. Especially with the women’s world cup that is here now ;)

I had some hilarious moments this week too namely because we travelled and toured Gent and Brugge last week (we get to go all over Europe it is so cool) and Miranda Sings was in Antwerpen THE DAY WE WERE THERE. So I talked like her for a day and introduced her to a member that we party with in our concert, Marcia, and killed myself laughing.

I have come to appreciate so many things that I have taken for granted before. I have 3 pins on my bag given to me by 3 different people who mean a lot to me. A BYU pin from Elder Bosco to never forget where my sights are set. A Dutch/USA pin from my mom to never forget where I come from. And a Delft blue pin given to me by Elder Pouwer who just finished his mission and left the music group to never forget exactly where I am.

Beauty lies within the simplest of things.

Make it a killer week. It depends on you.

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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