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Monday, March 30, 2015

March 23 - Gods Molen Draait Langzaam Maar Zeker

So BYU is out eh? Well, they never really made it in I guess. Whatever. Sad to say I'm used to being the victim of BYU chokes. Good to hear Boise State lost on a buzzer beater though. Hopefully Utah goes down soon too ;) sweet 16 is pretty good though.

Anyway, sports are NOT the focus. This week we trekked through Rotterdam South with the project and met with several members there. Not as many as we had hoped for but it is understandable with busy schedules. We were able to attend a baptismal service and sing there though which was really awesome and special for everyone there.

But the cool stuff this week has been in DELFT. aka home that doesn’t feel like home. Tuesday we had exchanges with the district leaders and I was with Elder Davis in Delft. We were able to do some great finding because it was soooo beautiful that we only wore white shirts and no jacket and everyone knows us as the Mormons. Ha-ha that’s good and bad sometimes. We found some cool people and were able to look a lot of people up to get contact with later. We also got in contact with Jones again!! Elder Conatti and I taught him our first or second week here and then we could never get contact with him. But Tuesday night we had a lesson about the Atonement that was very spiritual and one of the few things he struggles with. He told us how he has always been self-sufficient and believes people should deal the consequences they have brought upon themselves, in context with sin and suffering. We explained how everyone makes mistakes of course but related it to a mother who gives up her only food or resource for her child and the child throws it in the garbage. Christ has already paid the price for our sins and is willing to take them from us. We must be humble and willing to allow Him to do that. We plan on setting up a baptismal date with him this week. He also randomly read the story of the Brother of Jared and loved it and reported on it so that was super cool to see his intrigue with the Book of Mormon. He is prayed frequently and is gaining a testimony of the Spirit!

Had a lesson with Bart again but he was being weird, somewhat like normal, so when we brought up baptism in relation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ we were worried. He wants to be baptized though which is fantastic! He has investigated since 2012 though and has a weak testimony of the Restoration so we have a lot of fortifying to do.

And our MIRACLE: Laura. Wednesday we had some extra time after locking ourselves out of our apartment and fleeing to IKEA for lunch (another story) so I decided to call people that were in the Phone. (Flashback: that is what happened in Antwerpen when Elder Shelton and I accidentally called Mark Johnson instead of Mike Johnson and now Mark is a progressing investigator). Laura was super excited we called and we went by Saturday morning to meet with her. She is from Suriname with a young daughter and met with the missionaries a year ago before taking a long vacation to Suriname. She told me that Monday she uncovered her Book of Mormon while cleaning and needed to decide what to do with it and the lessons she had. Then 2 days later out of the blue she got our phone call and she took it as an answer to her question. (Hence she was so excited). We taught her the second half of the Restoration again and it was incredible how much she remembered and took into her life. She loves missionaries and was legit testified of Gospel principles as we taught. She believes there can only be 1 true church on the Earth. She ate up the priesthood. She told us how her religious neighbor had just lost her 8 year old daughter to cancer and was doubting faith as a whole. Laura TESTIFIED to her neighbor that God knows best (cue Mother Knows Best from the Disney Hit: Tangled) and that Gods molen draait langzaam maar zeker. Which means that God's windmill turns slowly but surely. hahaha I absolutely loved that! So true. She recognizes what she needs to do to receive an answer from God. We also invited her to the Easter concert and our fireside, both of which she "coincidentally “happens to be in Rotterdam for. Theme of the lesson: toefallig bestaat niet aka no such thing as coincidences. So cool we will see her in about a week with a killer joint teach too.

Sorry this letter was so long haha I just love Delft and our 3 progressors. And the project :)

Love you all!

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

PS here is a light in Rotterdam that are scattered throughout the city to mark places where bombs hit during the war. Kind of creepy

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