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Monday, December 29, 2014



In Belgium it isn't super common to snow and many years there is nothing but this last Saturday it snowed ALL DAY. It was 5 below all day in Celsius which I guess is like 27 maybe in Fahrenheit so it was cold and the humidity and wind makes it feel like someone is repeatedly throwing ice cubes at your face. Saturday was our big day to work because the holidays were busy this week and then that happened so it was hard to talk to a lot of people with the bad weather but we endured the pain and worked all day in the cold.

We got pretty soaked but a sweet inactive member gave us an umbrella that broke after an hour or two haha but everyone has umbrellas to spare here. We were able to use the snow to our advantage and a couple of our r look ups that were hesitant on letting us in had mercy on us and let us inside. One woman named Constance is the wife of a look up named Harrison and she let us in and fed us mountain loads of egg rolls and offered us tea. We could have easily said no thank you but we took the time to explain to her why we don't drink tea and were able to get a good lesson from it. They are Christian themselves and invited us to a party but we couldn't make it so we will see them again soon. We met with Eric and his family too which is always great and his mom Janet who is also investigating made us African food which singed my taste buds off haha but it was good. African food is so dang spicy I cry all the time. Gideon lives with them and he is a 6 year old boy who is the funniest little black kid you have seen in your life. He dances for us and has such an attitude it is hilarious. Their entire family loves to have us over and we get to talk about the Gospel too. Understanding is real low but things are gradually and slowly coming along.

Oh yeah I almost forgot haha we set a baptismal date this week! Haha last Tuesday we met with a new investigator named Ruby who has 3 little girls and she was busy doing a client's hair (and doing African hair is basically stitching hair onto someone's head) and teach them both about the Restoration. Her client, Flora, actually gave us her sister Agatha as a referral to go teach too so we will see her after the 3rd. She has a Book of Mormon now too but anyway back to Ruby. She told us how lately she had really been wondering what truth is and how there are so many people that claim to have it which makes it seems like no one does. We told her about the way how she could find an answer for herself and she prayed at the end of the lesson and promised to keep practicing before we see her again tomorrow. She set a date for baptism on February 15th if she comes to know that this is true (and by if I mean when).

We also taught a Buddhist lady yesterday which was real neat to see someone develop a relationship with Christ from ground zero. She is from Tibet and has 3 little girls (I just about died when we got in there because Asian kids are my favorite beings in the universe) and we taught a powerful lesson about the Atonement and repentance. It set a good foundation for the Restoration and we hope to see her again soon but she is busy with work. Honestly that’s a good thing though because no one here even works haha

Today we met up with a bunch of people from the zone, had a white elephant party and went shopping in the centrum where the new Nike Antwerpen store is so that was a blast for me. Had a little slice of home here in Belgium for a bit!

Christmas and Christmas Eve were fantastic and we spent it with great members which really helped fill the void of family. New Years in Europe is nuts so we will see how that goes this Wednesday haha we have to be inside at 4:00. Our previous investigators are still doing well and they should return from vacation soon. The church was very empty yesterday with members on vacation and the snowstorm which in Belgium is over 2 inches of snow #pathetic

It'll be a great week! This transfer is already half over and then I will be in Holland. WHAT

Liefde voor iedereen,

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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