This blog is for family and friends who wish to following Trevan as he sacrifices his time and talents to go forth and teach the Gospel in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission for the next two years. Follow him as he grows through experience, challenges and triumphs throughout his mission. May our prayers provide him comfort and protection as he serves the people in his mission and may we all be inspired to be missionaries in our own lives.

Monday, December 1, 2014


this email title inspired by the seminal single from the one and only T Swift whose album has just been released and mocks my ever-living presence every time I see it.

Let that sink in. Holy smokes it is almost 2015. Christmas is around the corner and I can’t wait.

This last week we had Zone Conference so we went up to Holland on Thursday where President and Zuster Robinson spoke to us followed by Elder and Zuster Moreira who is from the Area 70. It was such a great conference and I learned so much. Elder Moreira talked about Peter and the confidence in his calling and his priesthood. That was something big that I took out of it. I also got to see Elder Morrell and Elder Dewitt and Zuster Robbins and Zuster Thomas and Zuster Bush while we were there and so I was happy right then and there. We take trains everywhere so we jumped on a train afterward and trekked back to Antwerpen.

We were able to meet with Gerald this week and we got big news. He has decided to go through with his baptismal date and be baptized this next Sunday. We asked him why he desired to be baptized and the first words out of his mouth were "to change". AHhhh it was so cool. He LOVES the idea of the temple and how we can be married after this life and have a family so heaven is actually happy. He told us he liked his church because it gives basics and that ours has so much more. It comes through the restored Gospel. He wants to do an every other week kind of thing with his church but I had recently read a talk from an apostle (don’t remember who) who told an eternal investigator why she wouldn’t go to church. She said she liked her own church too much and couldn’t separate. So the apostle told her to take everything that is good about her church and bring it with her. She was then baptized. I told Gerald this same thing. He loved it. He said there are people who would think our message is interesting and he is planning on inviting them to his baptism. We are working with the ward a lot to get it all planned and it has been the most stressful weekend of my life.

Zone Conference
I will admit that I expected to have to move his date, but he is ready to achieve this goal. I learned firsthand to not lose faith in someone. As soon as that happens things could turn for the worst. I was blessed to have a good change to help me recognize that. Never lose faith. Without it there is no hope no happiness no joy and no other way.

This week will be nuts and I am SOOOO grateful for all your prayers. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving which is great. Transfers are next week which is exciting too. 

To answer your questions: life is definitely very difficult but it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t. I really miss not having to think about time actually. That is a great deal of my stress because of unreliable Belgian transportation and working effectively. It’s all in my mind and sometimes I want to yell at myself ha-ha. Nothing really funny is happening.... I think once I get a companion I can really connect with there will be a lot more of those. But I have learned a lot about microsoft computers and Xbox games this transfer ha-ha. Yeah the schiltz are in London now to visit the temple for a couple weeks so I might not actually see them again if I get transferred out. You don’t really want a picture of our apartment ha-ha its boring we aren’t ever in it anyway. Previous elders have thrashed it too. I’m doing well.  I’m nice and healthy but I don’t like that I lose muscle every day. I miss the gym a lot because it made me feel good. I guess there are a couple apartments here in the mission where there is a gym across the street though so hopefully I could go to one of those. I am tired all the time but I’m hoping next transfer changes that. Transfer calls come Sunday then we transfer Wednesday. It was pretty fast for certain things but others seem like they were forever ago. I’m split 50 50 on staying and moving. I love members here and stuff but I would love to see new things.

That’s really neat about the Christmas party I like that idea too. I hope subbing this week goes well. I hope every shift Braden has they mention my name because I am a LEGACY. Ha-ha just kidding. It’s good though that they remember me. I’m praying so much for help it’s unreal. Oh boy without prayer or Heavenly Fathers help I would be smashed to pieces on a Belgian cobblestone road. I pray all the time and I have a strong testimony of keeping a prayer in your heart. It brings so much hope. We will see what happens this week because we have a potential baptism and transfers.

I love you all sooo much and I hope everything continues to go well. Love the Christmas season it’s awesome! In 3.5 weeks we can skype call so I will have to figure that out with members here where I will be. I miss home a lot but I wouldn’t say I have homesickness. I am homesick about things but I don’t have homesickness. Gotta control it. Football sounds nuts and good. This week could be an enduring week but I have the Lord on my side so I need not fear.

We said goodbye to Olivia today who is returning to England to be baptized and hopefully reactivate her mom to come to church. We taught her here at her grandparents’ home who are members

 Ik hou van jullie!

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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