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Friday, November 28, 2014

Sint-Niklass -- November 17, 2014

St. Nick has arrived here in Belgium and has been visiting places in the Port of Antwerp which is just north of the Church and then he goes and visits Sint-Niklaas (appropriately) which is basically my favorite town in Belgium. They do celebrate Christmas here on the 6th and they say it is all really racist becasue the elves here are called Zwarte Piets which translated means Black little Peters or elves with relation to Sint Pieter. Just to clarify.

Miracles are happening in Antwerpen. It truly is a city of so much potential and strength. Our biggest miracles was the baptism of our investigator Eric Apentang who is a 16 year old student from Ghana. His mom finally returned from Ghana and was able to be here for the baptism which was the reason it was put off for so long. She loves the church. She thanked us all so much for what we have done with Eric and as we teach him the lessons again she wants to be involved and is receiving the lessons from us as well. Eric will be confirmed this next Sunday in sacrament meeting which will be amazing for him and her both.

We have 3 more baptismal dates set with the most solid being that of an investigator named Gerald who loves the idea of the Plan of Salvation so much. We have been able to connect it really well to everything else with the Book of Mormon mostly and he is set to be baptized December 7th. The ward has been fellowshipping him so well and he attends a family home evening lesson with us every Monday. Our other two dates are named Kjelt and Almina and both are making slower progress but have committed to baptism and have strong testimonies of Christ.

We do a thing here called stuffing the funnel which is putting as many people into a figurative funnel and then people will come out the bottom and be baptized although many will fall out of the funnel. And we have so many investigators its kind of nuts haha it takes a while to travel everywhere but Wednesday Thursday and Friday we were hammered with appointments which is good and we taught some awesome lessons. A member in the ward here leaves tomorrow for his mission to Suriname and he came with to teach a Suriname investigator of ours so that was the highlight of those days with Kjelt Eric and Gerald being in there too. We have a family here who is the Evans family from England but have lived in America and stuff but they are HILARIOUS. They are the most sarcastic and dry humor people on the planet that I absolutely love being with them. We have been teaching their niece as well who goes back to England soon to be baptized and get her mom and family reactivated into the church with the help of England missionaries.

I was in Sint-Niklaas again this week for exchanges with Elder Van de Merwe which is double win because I loooovvvveeee Sint-Niklaas and Elder Van de Merwe and I just sing country songs and talk about college football and the olympics and world cup all day long. The best. WE taught a family that day too which is neat because here in Europe the family is bascially dead sadly so that was really neat and they are genuinely interested. It was the funnest day of the week by far.

We decided to go to Gent today which is about a 45 minutes train ride through the picturesque Belgian countryside where we toured a castle and cathedral that were created in like the 11th century or something. It was district P-day but the Elders from Genk came so Elder Morrell was there which always makes it a good time haha he will come to BYU with me I just know it. He is in the pictures with me below.

I'm gonna start writing down more funny things that happen to me because right now the ones I remember are the dumbest things but they are hilarious to me so hopefully better ones will come soon haha

Elder Trevan Scott Reese

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