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Monday, October 13, 2014

This has been a week for the books

It's been quite a slow week but this next week will be just the opposite because we have to travel all over. Tomorrow and Thursday we have planned exchanges here in Antwerpen and again in Sint-Niklaas,Wednesday we go up to Nederland and Leiden for the Temple, Conference and then Friday we go to Brussels for legality purposes and again Brussels on Sunday for stake conference. We won't even be in Antwerpen very much but we get to see other missionaries which I am real excited for.

 we got soaked here haha dripping wet
This week Elder Peterson and I have been real sick with colds and I had a nasty head cold for a day. It was nice though because it only lasted for one day and then lately it has just been lingering. Not super fun though. It has also been raining like crazy here the last 3 or 4 days and so its like a flood everywhere and you don't dry off because it is so humid. 

We had several lessons for this last week planned but unfortunately most of them fell through. Belgium is really strange because no one is ever home. Ever. Even when it is pouring rain and inside is the only place you want to be, no one is home. So we have had a real hard time with that, especially with bringing members along for lessons and then the investigator doesn't show up after we have confirmed. Kind of frustrating. We are still seeing great success though and have had a lot of Facebook referrals and talk about family history to people. 

My Dutch is getting better and we had the chance to meet again with President and Zuster Robinson this last Tuesday. Zuster Robinson helped me a lot with advice over the language and keeping faith high. In each lesson there are truths and restored truths and as long as understand those and teach those in Dutch well, people will feel the Spirit. So that has helped this last week. 

Conference was still really good and last night we watched the Sunday Afternoon session since it was already midnight here when it was live. Elder Bednars talk was my favorite. it was funny but one of those talks that drills you hard. 

The food is still good here and i haven't eaten anything i haven't liked yet!

Sorry this week has been so boring. It's just become routine now but its still really great.

Next week will be much more interesting.

we got to watch the National Belgian Futsal Team play

Dad that's cool you got to meet with the governor. and go to Utah. i miss those family reunions and wish i could be there. i get more homesick over things like that than anything else. 

I'm not gonna lie Saturday was the worst. 

that was the day it rained for 4 hours and it was cold and we had to look up a lot of people so we were dripping wet. you don't dry off either so we stayed wet all day. i would hope it would be like 5 but my watch would say 2:30. it was the worst. and we had no lessons that day so we knocked doors and contacted but you cant hear what people are saying because people driving down the cobblestone streets are really loud. honestly every person i saw on the street i hoped would just shoot me dead haha it was brutal. I'm actually making it sound a lot worse than it really was but i need to write it out so i can vent it haha i was frustrated with everything and elder peterson was happy Saturday so that frustrated me even more haha not good... but i got over it, yesterday was good and I'm learning more in church and it is sunny today.

i really have nothing cool to say haha its been quite a lame week

Elder Reese
it was pretty this day after the rain storm.

also european streets signs are funny because they don't tell you where you are going but they tell you where you are NOT going haha

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